A dishonest partner can leave you both emotionally destroyed and financially bankrupt. Most of the times these cheaters are smart enough to hide their intentions from their significant other. But this should not be overlooked. If you are suspicious of your partner/spouse, dig a little deeper and clear out the matter easily. Android monitoring app is great in helping you to do so. BlurSpy is the best spy app which is an all-in-one package to give the control in your possession. The only small hassle you’ll have to face is to install this advanced mobile spy app in your husband/wife’s Android device and see his/her online activities without leaving any flaws behind.

Advancement in technology has provided people with different platforms of being in contact with someone secretly. Social communication apps are most helpful for people with hush-hush relationships. However, BlurSpy is way ahead than these cheaters and can catch them really fast. Here are the ways which will conveniently clear your reservations about your partner:

Trace their location

If you are doubtful that your husband comes home late on specific days or he was not in office when you visited him. Don’t worry! Because BlurSpy phone snooping app has inbuilt GPS tracker which traces the target’s location and routes throughout the day. Similarly, if you have been provided with wrong information about your spouse’s business trip, you can confront him/her by showing their location history. BlurSpy android spy app never misses its target location even when the device is turned off, the GPS tracker continues working diligently.

Read the deleted texts

When people are deceitful towards their better-half, they try and clear every clue about their secret affairs. BlurSpy cell phone tracking software gives you an edge to go through their deleted texts and figure out who is their secret “friend” they are always busy with.

Scrutinize their call logs

Just like messages, the falsely saved contact names are also there to misguide you. This is done to save the identity of your partner’s hidden love interest. If they clear call logs from time to time, there is definitely something suspicious they are trying to hide. But don’t you worry, because BlurSpy android phone spy will recover these deleted call logs for you. BlurSpy also aids you in identifying the caller ID of a doubtful number from your partner’s mobile phone.

Record their screen and snoop into their social media

Instant messengers and other social media platforms have made dating a lot easier. Your husband might be contacting with other girls, who Knows? No one knows except BlurSpy phone spy app. Which records their device’s screen and assists you in figuring out their newly developed interests? Social media screen recording and keylogger tracing are two key features which are always present to clear out your doubts.

Break into their device’s microphone

If you want to hear your spouse’s verbal conversations when you are not around, this is now possible to. BlurSpy phone spy software bugs your target android device’s microphone and records the surrounding voices. These recorded files are uploaded to your control panel instantly. BlurSpy android monitoring app works in Stealth mode and never gives your partner a clue if their device is bugged.

Go through their browsing habits

Internet browsing depicts the user’s intentions and preferences. However, it is difficult to get access to other’s history. But not anymore, because with BlurSpy phone tracking software you can dig out your target device’s deleted history without facing any trouble.

When cheating has become easier due to social media apps and gadgets, BlurSpy android monitoring app has made spying incredibly easy for you. Get yourself registered with this remarkable best spy app and catch the cheater before he/she hurt you!


BlurSpy Cell spy app is easily installed in any android device. You can install BlurSpy tracking software on your partner’s phone and monitor all the online and offline activity.

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