There are many ways to re-use your broken iPhone. You can use it as a dedicated audio and video player and listen to your favourite songs. If your iPhone is not much damaged, you can use the pre-installed apps in it. You can also use Wi-Fi and surf the internet. There are numerous creative ways to re-purpose your old, broken iPhone.

If your iPhone is out of order then you must be wondering ‘where to sell my broken iPhone. Well apart from selling, there are a lot of ways that can help you repurpose your broken iPhone. Here are a few things you can do with your extra or spare iPhone laying around the house.

Use It As A Backup Phone

If your broken iPhone is still capable to make calls or text messages, you can use it as a backup phone. It’s a hard truth and as the smartphone users, we have to believe it that phones do get stolen, or lost. So in such scenarios, if you have a backup phone, you can use that and resolve your emergency problem. The backup iPhone will also help you to restore your previous data. You can recover personal accounts, iMessages, password manager, and so on.

And if your new phone is busted not stolen, you can remove the SIM card from that new phone and use it in the backup iPhone.

Use It As A Multi-Camera Video Shoot

If you are shooting a wedding or your kid’s soccer game, nothing beats multiple cameras. Needless to say, your old iPhone can make a great second camera. Through the multi-camera shoot, you can cover the scene with different angles and make an interesting video. If your broken iPhone has a huge amount of storage then you can shoot in HD. You can use a tripod to shoot video from the other camera. Or you can take help from a friend.

Use It As A Baby Monitor

Speaking of video, you can use your broken iPhone’s camera to monitor your baby’s activities. Simply download any baby monitor app from App Store and keep an eye on your baby’s bedroom. It will help you a lot if you are a travelling parent. Just place your iPhone in such a position that you can get a great view of your baby’s room. The baby monitoring apps let you view your baby’s room on your mobile device or on your Mac system. You can also use video sharing sites, like Skype instead of monitoring apps.

So, instead of spending a lot of money on some fancy baby monitor, think wisely and use your old, broken iPhone.

Use It As A Server

One more practical use of your old broken iPhone is to use it as a server. If you are a tech-savvy person and a die-hard internet surfer, then you can set up your old iPhone into a mini-server. There is an app called ServersMan, available at the App Store. Just download the app, follow the instructions and turn your old device into a server.

Use It Like An iPod Touch

An iPhone without a phone service can replicate iPod Touch. Many iPhone users also want an iPod Touch. So why not use your old iPhone. Your old iPhone has a great camera.  Whenever you are near a Wi-Fi, click your favourite pictures from your old iPhone, publish these images to your iCloud Camera Roll and have them automatically synced across all your iOS or MacOS devices.

Use It As A Home Stereo

If you are looking for an alternative, you can turn your old, broken iPhone into a speaker dock or an audio system with an iPod option and turn it into a home stereo. Just share the iTunes and stream your iTunes library wirelessly to your stereo.

Use It As A Security Camera

Though it might not seem a decent choice but you can use your old and broken iPhone as a home security camera. There are apps available on App Store that can turn your old device into a regular home surveillance system. ‘Presence’ is one such app. The app turns your old device into a motion detecting monitor. Install this app and view what’s happening in our house when you are not around. One thing you have to look for is that you will need to keep your iPhone plugged in all the time. But, from a security point of view, this a great way to use your old and broken phone for something practical.

Use It As A Remote Control

We all know that iPhone’s touchscreen is superb and that makes it a perfect choice for a remote control. The iPhone is powerful enough that it doesn’t require replacement batteries and easily control any number of devices.

If you lost your regular remote control of your Apple TV, you can use your spare iPhone. All you have to do is to install Apple’s Remote app in your old iPhone and control your Apple TV as well as music from iTunes on your Mac. Just make sure that instead of carrying your iPhone around with you, keep it in a charging dock near where you watch TV or listen to music.

Use It As A Portable Storage Device

If you don’t have enough space on your current iPhone or need a device for taking files with you on the go, then you can use your broken iPhone by turning it into a portable USB drive. There is an app called File Manager. Use it to browse and organize documents. You can also share them between your iPhone and your PC.

Last But Not Least: Sell it

If you are not willing to re-use your broken iPhone and looking to earn quick cash then you can sell it online. And to do that, you can visit, a trusted online mobile phone recycling comparison website.


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