Marketing is a sphere driven by changes in all its segments. Accordingly, successful marketing is one that is able to run after trends, adapting business strategies for them. Therefore, it is important to follow marketing trends and apply them successfully.

Digital marketing is a generic term for marketing products and services that use digital channels to attract and retain customers. This can be either a blogger ad or a contextual ad on the Internet. In simple terms, digital marketing is any promotion involving digital channels.

According to the analytical company Forrester, in the United States, the cost of digital marketing is growing rapidly, and by 2021 it will reach almost $ 120 billion. Rapid technological development is changing our lives in many ways, and commerce is not exception.

 What is the key feature of digital marketing from internet marketing?

Everything is very simple. Digital marketing includes Internet marketing, too, but is not limited to the Internet. Digital marketing does not include promotion through such traditional channels as ads in newspapers, flyers, billboards, but includes such channels as television, radio and even outdoor advertising. Although if you dig deeper, digital marketing can be found on advertising posters and magazines in the form of QR codes.

Digital marketing is constantly evolving new tools for interacting with the audience are emerging, which is the goal of this direction. The main advantage of digital marketing and its advantage over many other marketing tools is the ability to collect clear and objective information about the target audience and the results of the promotion.


Facebook, Telegram, Viber and WhatsApp had a strong influence on marketing principles. Messengers are indispensable tools for direct interaction with the target audience. In the future, instant messengers are considered as a new alternative to email newsletters, because e-mail is becoming outdated due to a poor discovery rate.

In recent years, there has been a cardinal shift in user behaviour: people spend more time in instant messengers than in social networks and even more in the mail. People like to communicate in instant messengers not only because it is convenient and fast, but also because they are not yet spammed. Plus, instant messengers provide instant information sharing. In Messengers, people are used to dialogue. In the messengers, users are ready to respond to you, which cannot be said about the email-mailing list – it’s easy, you just need to click a button or select the desired answer option.

Therefore, due to the fact that Email marketing, step by step, leave the market of marketing tools, it remains only to take the best and say goodbye to e-marketing in a few years.


Omnichannel takes on the scale. Customer experience should not be limited just by online space. Today, consumers are no longer inclined to perceive the brand as something independent. They want to have several convenient points of interaction with him so that each of them can be accessed without barriers. They want to stay in touch with their favourite brand everywhere: in social networks, on the screen of a smartphone or in a retail outlet. In fact, omnicanality is presented everywhere and at the same time, because people make purchases, jumping from one device or channel to another.

Therefore, it is very important to unite all channels and make communication uninterrupted. That is, combine the site, application and work in social networks.

It’s time to be as convenient and efficient as possible. If technology allows you to combine your offline store, website and app. So why not do it?


In the future, chatbots will become commonplace. There is no business area where this technology would be useful. The user no longer needs to spend time searching for the right product or payment information. All data can be obtained from the chatbot. They help to order food at home, choose clothes, book tickets and advise customers. In the future, chatbots will reach a new level of development, and more and more companies will start using them to improve interaction with the audience because they constantly learn themselves through the neural network and know more with each new request and are able to process thousands of hits per minute.

Video Marketing

In digital marketing, as in other marketing areas, video content begins to dominate. According to statistics, today about 500,000,000 people watch videos on Facebook every day. People in most cases prefer video content rather than text or photos. In general, companies that use video marketing have a 27% click-through rate (CTR) and a 34% higher conversion rate for their sites.

But this does not mean that the text and image will completely lose their relevance. However, it is important to understand that video is the most striking and sought-after tool that allows you to convey your message to the target audience.


Web personalization is one of the most striking recent trends. Personalized marketing is focused primarily on the relationship between the brand and the consumer, according to which, the content acts as currency to build trust. This is because personalization gives brands the opportunity to offer their customers what they want.

Many actions of clients can be personalized depending on the communication channel, device or time of day. That is, the company collects data about the client and uses them in order to offer him the goods and services that interest him at a particular point in time. Therefore, in order to stimulate a client to make a purchase, you should think about how to personalize the site, the content of email messages and applications, messages in paid media, discounts, sales notices, recommendations of goods and services.

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