TheOneSpy is one of the most powerful cell phone tracking app rightly available in the spy app market. It is a multi-platform app which supports cell phones and tablets running Android OS and iOS. It allows users to track the cell phone use of someone else by getting his device installed with the spy app. The app also offers non-jailbreak solution for iPhones that works without spy app installation on the target phone. The whatsapp spy app offers a wide range of features including social media and instant messenger monitoring. Read on to know how this app enables spying on popular social messengers such as WhatsApp.

Social Media App Monitoring

Social media has grabbed attention and dedication of the post-millennial and millennial generations. While businesses have adopted the social media sites as major marketing platforms, the teenagers have started seeing the world through the online world. It holds equal importance in work and personal life. It is great tool for entertainment, communication and learning. However, it also has a negative side like every other technology.

The excessive and reckless use of social media and instant messengers can do more harm than good. The employees can use the messaging app to misbehave with other workers or clients when their communication is unsupervised. Meanwhile, the children can become a victim of cyber bullying, child predation or scamming if there online presence is not monitored.

Monitoring the online activities of kids and workers is of great importance to keep your concerned ones protected and productive. The monitoring solution of TheOneSpy enables you to secretly track the social media activities of your offspring and workforces by tracking their smartphones. It allows spying on WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and many other popular social and instant messengers. You can monitor almost every activity of your target performed on these social messengers. Read on to know how you can make the things done using the cell phone spy app.

WhatsApp Spy App for Android

No matter whether your target uses Android phone or iPhone, the spy app offers monitoring solution for both operating systems. You can track social media apps and instant messengers, particularly WhatsApp messenger, by using the Android spy app. You only need to install the spy app on the targeted mobile phone running latest Android operating system. After app installation, the spy app gets access to the WhatsApp messages stored on the phone memory and creates an online copy of those messages. The end-user of the spyware app can log into the online account of the spy app to monitor the online backup of the WhatsApp chat created by the spy app.

The WhatsApp tracking app for Android lets you monitor your target’s incoming and outgoing WhatsApp messages containing text, stickers, emoticons, voice recordings, photos and videos. It also lets you track call logs of WhatsApp messenger to detect whom your target communicated with via communication app.

WhatsApp Spy App for iPhone

The highly secured iPhone can be tracked with the advanced monitoring software. You can sneak into an iPhone by getting it installed with the spy app. However, you need to jailbreak the iPhone to install third party surveillance app on the smartphone. If you do not want to take the risk of jailbreak, there is a non-jailbreak monitoring solution of TheOneSpy that lets you track a smartphone without getting it installed with spy app.

The non-jailbreak iPhone monitoring solution lets you monitor WhatsApp messenger of your children and workers. You can track WhatsApp chat history of the target phone and track all messages and thread conversations of your target. However, to take the advantage of the non-jailbreak spy solution of TheOneSpy, you need to provide the iCloud credentials of the targeted phone. As you put the username and password of targeted phone’s iCloud account into the online control panel of the surveillance app, it starts accessing the online chat of the target for you.

It is pertinent to mention that you can use non-jailbreak iPhone spy solution without accessing the target device only if the data of the target iPhone is backed up to iCloud. If this is not so, you need to access the target device of your children or workers to create an online backup of the phone data. After that you can easily start tracking the WhatsApp messenger and many other social and instant messengers without taking the target device into possession.