There are a vast variety of email clients available at the moment and their usage depends upon the type of work an individual is dealing with. For instance, I personally have three email addresses, namely one each of Gmail, Yahoo & Outlook login.

If you use Gmail or Yahoo mail as your email client, then you are definitely up-to-date with their respective versions. But in case you are still using the old account, I definitely think it’s time for you to switch to the more unified and streamlined that was introduced by Microsoft quite a while back and thus ultimately upgrade to the brand new interface.

While making the switch has been quite intuitive so far, through this article you will be able to convert your desired account quickly and effortlessly. At the bottom of this article, you will also find various troubleshooting tips and some FAQs for any error that you might encounter.

Updated Outlook interface

Why should you switch?

The first and foremost reason is continued support. is no longer updated by Microsoft i.e. it will not provide any security improvements or bug fixes to its old product. Secondly, the integration with calendar, contacts, etc. is seamless; you can start working on any of these apps in the web client and continue the same on your Tablet or Smartphone using the same Microsoft account.

Important Things to Note!

After upgrading from Hotmail to the new Outlook, you will keep everything about your old account as it was:

  • No need to change your email address
  • You can always continue to sign in with the same domain name ( and your password
  • Your settings stay the same
  • You will retain all your folders, categories, tags, etc.

How to Upgrade

The process is quite simple and very direct. Following just two easy steps, you will make the transition:

  • Visit
  • Use your existing Hotmail account (hotmail/msn/live) and enter your password to sign in

You’re done! Now you can use the new by signing in at outlook.

Troubleshooting Tips / FAQs

For an even smoother experience, here are some troubleshooting tips / Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to get you going:

  1. Help! I am unable to log in to my account!
  2. If you are unable to log in to your account, it might be due to any of the following:
  • Incorrect email/password combinations: Your email ID or your password that you have entered is incorrect. If you have forgotten either of them, then consider requesting a password change. You can do so by clicking on the “Forgot my password” button. Follow the on screen instructions to successfully change your password.
  • Server error: It might be possible that you are unable to log in to your account due to a server error on Microsoft’s end. In such a case, you might have to wait for sometime before trying to log in again.

If you face any other related error, try clearing the cookies and cache of the browser that you used to sign in to your Outlook account and then try logging in again.

Q. What all changes will I need to make in the so called “new Outlook”?

Ans: Almost nothing! The changes that you will see are at the server level which means that Outlook will adjust automatically for you. Don’t worry as any and all visual changes (which are surely a welcome treat) in Outlook will not affect the functionality whatsoever.

Q: What about my Xbox, OneDrive, Office data?

Ans: Any and all data of the other Microsoft services like Xbox, OneDrive, Office, etc. will be completely unaffected by this change. Your data will remain preserved should you decide to change your email address to the domain. Rest assured that this change will not affect your Xbox gamer tag or the saved files in your OneDrive folder or any of your work done in Microsoft Office.

I hope that this change will be a welcome one for you and will serve as a guide throughout the processes that are mentioned above in the article. Considering this change has been received positively so far by the community, have you already made the switch or are still planning to do so in the near future? If you still haven’t made your move yet, which one of the above methods will you be going for? Got any useful tip or information that you want to share? Drop by our comments section below and do let us know!