Let’s face it; drones are pretty amazing pieces of technology. They are picking up popularity amongst people of all age groups and they can be used for a multitude of purposes. If you’re looking to buy yourself a drone, there are several factors that you need to take into consideration before you finalize one. Today, we have put together detailed information that would be beneficial for you if you’re looking to buy a drone. Here’s everything you need to know:

Figure Out The Purpose Of Your Drone Purchase

Before you head out to the store to buy a new drone, you need to figure out the purpose behind which you’re buying the drone. Drones come in several different varieties and styles. Different drones have different features too. Are you buying a drone just to satisfy your need for a new toy or are you purchasing a drone for video and photo opportunities? If you’re purchasing a drone simply to satisfy your toy needs, then you can opt for base model drones that are reasonably priced and easy on your pocket. On the other hand, if you’re looking out for a drone that will assist you in capturing top quality HD videos and photographs, then you need to go in for a slightly expensive drone with a built-in camera.

What’s The Distance You’re Looking To Fly The Drone?

Size and distance both play a very crucial role when making a decision of a drone purchase. Small drones tend to have smaller batteries and that reduces their time in the air and their power. Large drones, on the other hand, have massive batteries and can fly for hours together without getting low on power. The distance that you intend on flying your drone and the size of the drone are both correlated so if you want long hours of flying, make sure that you opt for a larger sized drone.

Photography Drones And Everything You Need To Know

There are tons of drones that come with already built-in cameras. While these are a great option for basic photography while you travel, they may not be the best bet if you’re looking to get HD and professional shots and videos. If you’re a professional photographer or need to buy a drone for movie making, then you need to opt for a drone that has the option of allowing you to fit your own camera into the device. These drones may prove to be a lot more expensive than the pre-fitted camera drones but they are required if you want top quality photos and videos for work-related purposes.

What Is Your Drone Budget?

As mentioned earlier, drones are available in several different prices ranges for you to choose from. You can get a drone as cheap as US$ 100 or you can get a drone that’s as costly as US$ 1000. You need to figure out your budget before you head to the store and start filling your shopping cart. You also need to take into consideration repair and damage costs. There will be times when your drone is accidentally flown into a tree or it may crash due to an unexpected gust of wind. Any damage caused in such instances will need to be repaired. Hence, you need to decide a proper budget for your drone before you invest in one.

Drone Features That You Need To Look Out For

When selecting a drone, you need to keep a lookout for certain features. These features include the following:

  • GPS on your drone is a necessity. Imagine flying your drone in a thick jungle or forest and it getting lost between the thick foliage of the trees. Not only will it take you forever to find the drone if it doesn’t have the GPS feature, but there are chances that you may not be able to find it at all. Always pay a few dollars extra but invest in a drone that has proper GPS features.
  • You need to invest in a drone that has proper Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Unless you’re buying a drone to just toy around with the gadget, it won’t make sense to have one without advanced connectivity.
  • Most camera drones offer the option of live streaming. Live streaming literally means that you can view the footage that the camera drone is capturing live on your smartphone or computer. If you’re buying a drone with the purpose of professional photography, then it makes sense to invest in a drone that offers the option of live streaming.

Other Purposes That Drones Are Used For

Besides photography and recreational purposes, drones are also used for a plethora of other reasons. Let’s now discuss some of the other purposes of drone usage:

  • Drones are often used in farming and agriculture. When a farmer has acres and acres of land, keeping track of the yield can become problematic. With the help of a drone, the farmer will be able to track the yield and provide irrigation and fertilization to patches of the farmland that look dull and dry.
  • The military and police force of a city or country often use drones during natural disasters. The drones are used during these disasters to try and locate victims that may be trapped or severely injured. Military personnel may also use drones to keep a track of the situation at the border and to keep a check on any infiltration by enemy countries.
  • Drones are very often used by the media and by journalists when they can’t reach out by foot to a specific location. In the case of war, natural disasters and other such news related matters, the journalist may fly a drone into the affected region to capture high-quality images and videos of the surroundings and the situation.

Drones can be used for many purposes and are gaining immense popularity amongst the masses and also amongst the world of business, media, military and technology.