Now, we will take you to the world of watch winder.

Before we know how does a watch winder works, we need to understand what the watch winder is? As we all know, a common watchbox is a box used to place watch. But do you know there is an uncommon watchbox, which has another special name called watch winder? Do you know what exactly is a watch winder? Do you know how does a watch winder works?

Actually, watch winder is one kind of special watchbox, it’s more powerful than watchbox, it is also a device which is used to keep the mechanical watch running when it wasn’t worn. The special watchbox is magic and convenient for our daily life.

What if the mechanical watch is placed? do I need a watchbox?

Do I need a watchbox? Is it necessary? If so, I bought a watchbox, what would the watchbox bring to me? What’s the difference between the common watchbox and special watchbox? What does a special watchbox do? And how does a watch winder works? Last but not least, how to use an uncommon watchbox? A lot of fans of watches will can’t help thinking about these questions.

Do I need a watch winder? And how does a watch winder works?

How does a watch winder works?

How does a watch winder works? The first thing you have to understand is that what does a watch winder do. The watch winder can storage your favorite watch like a common watchbox, and it does not only keep the mechanical watch running when not worn, but also could place your watch safely, and convenient to take it to travel all over the world, this high-class watchbox could make your watch looks shiny and splendid. Each watch lover may have a watch winder, a beautifully crafted watchbox which can store their watch when it wasn’t worn.

How does a watch winder works? Unlike common watchbox, the watch winder, as an advanced watchbox, is a device that is equipped with a watch and moves in a circular pattern to simulate the necessary parts of the human body’s movement to operate the self-winding mechanism. So, this kind of special watchbox could make mechanical watch keep running when it wasn’t worn.

Now, do you know how does a magic watch winder works?

Do I need a watch winder?

After knowing how does a watch winder works, someone may be confused about the question what do I need a watch winder? That’s a question. If you have several Rolex mechanical watches, you must need one kind of watchbox to make your mechanical watches keep running when it wasn’t worn. So, it’s really necessary to have an automatic watch winder.

However, if you only have one Rolex mechanical watch, it’s also crazy that you have got to keep this precious watch’s time accurate every day, you have to pay attention to your watch’s time every day, and have to adjust it sometime. It’s really not convenient for your daily life. Actually, I believe that most person would be very insane about this daily thing have got to do. In addition, automatic watch winder is also a very delicate watchbox to place your mechanical watches nicely. This watchbox is really beautiful and delicate.

Here’s a video link about a 100% handmade solid wooden watchbox, you will understand how does a watch winder works by watching this video, and maybe you could fall in love with a perfect watchbox through this video:

How to use a watch winder?

If you know how does a watch winder works, you will never worry about how to use it. Actually, the advanced watchbox is not very difficult to use. And there’s no doubt that it will attach an instruction manual to tell you how does a watch winder works and how to use a watch winder if you bought it.

However, there is some attention need to know when using the watch winder. Using it in the right environment is one of the best ways to keep your mechanical watch accurate for a long time. Almost watch winder will have the TPD, it stands for a daily turn, or how many turns the winder rotates within 24 hours. A good kind of watch winder will give you the options about setting the TPD, and the 650 TPD about the default setting would be perfect for the most watches. And which watch winder supports both charging and battery would be better and convenient for us.

Which watch winder should I choose?

After knowing what is a watch winder and how does a watch winder works, you may looking for buying a watch winder? Now, then, we also have some good watchbox as a good suggestion for selecting.

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