Internet Download Manager popularly known as IDM is one of the most commonly used internet download file manager software across the globe. One of the major reasons why Internet download manager is gaining so much popularity is because it is compatible with windows and it is extremely easy to integrate into the operating system. While there are a number of different kinds of file manager and download file options available, the reason IDM is the number one choice for a file manager is because it is extremely user-friendly and once people get the hang of it they do not like to try out any other file managers available.

The best part about IDM is that you can integrate it into your computer seamlessly without having to struggle for a long time to try and install the file or creating any description with the system. You can view website and get the IDM serial number for download.

While there are some people that get used to this file download software almost instantly, there are other people who find it really difficult to use it and they end up struggling to figure out how they can benefit from this file download manager software. If you are looking for some tips and tricks with regards to how you can benefit the most from IDM then here are a few points that keep in mind.

Change your default Internet settings

This is one of the major steps that can help you to download faster without having to invest in a higher internet speed. When you install IDM into your system it can help you to download multiple files at a time and help you to save larger files without having to wait with the system on for a number of days. If there are very large files that you need to download but you are having trouble doing so because it cannot be downloaded during the stipulated time frame then the smart thing to do would be to try and change your internet default settings. While there are a number of settings to usually speed up your internet, installing IDM can help you get more out of your speed and it will help you to download files a lot faster. This works really well specifically if you are in an office environment and you are connected on a LAN network. What technically happens when you change your setting is that your system is provided with a higher bandwidth and this automatically increases the speed of the IDM downloader helping you to get the files onto your system faster. In case you can’t figure out how to do this on your own you can always refer to certain tutorial websites to see how you can change these settings.

Adding the download link manually

One of the biggest mistakes that people make while using the IDM downloader is that they automatically expect this software to drag the link and download the files that they are looking for. While this is possible with the downloader, it takes up a longer time especially in cases where the website has a lot of traffic or is too slow. In such situations it would be more advisable for you to manually go and pick up the link and then place it on the download manager. This helps the manager save a lot of time to get into the link in the first place and this helps the file come to your system faster. It also prevents the system from hanging.

Automate and schedule downloads

One of the major advantages of using an iDM file manager is that you can automate the download on your system and you can even schedule them to timings that are convenient to you. Unlike a manual download manager that automatically disconnects and restarts right from the beginning every time you refresh or restart your system, files that are downloaded on the IDM File Manager not only begin to download from where it last ended, it can also be used to download depending on a time that is feasible for you. It is very easy for people to schedule a download depending on what they think is best for them. In case you haven’t been able to do this on your own yet you can refer to video tutorials with regards to how you can schedule a download. This is an amazing feature in the IDM File Manager mainly because you do not need to worry about using too much bandwidth when you are working on your system and you can schedule it in a way to make maximum use of the bandwidth in spare time such as at times when everyone is out for lunch or during the evening when people are almost done for the day.

Download content from YouTube

A lot of people believe that the only use of an IDM file manager is that they will be able to download various files from the internet, the truth however is that you can download a lot more than that and this definitely include videos from YouTube. Although YouTube does not translate the permission to download videos on your own, this is something that you can do with the help of an IDM file manager. You simply need to enter the link and click on the download button and you will have the video ready for you. The best part about in IDM manager is that it is very user friendly which means you will not need to worry too much about how you are going to use this manager and it becomes extremely convenient for you to download things faster. Whether you are looking for a movie or whether you want to download files in an MP3 format, you can get it all done with a few clicks of a button and without letting anybody know. It is easy to use, simple to integrate, convenient and very effective which is why it happens to be the most popular file manager software that you can find today.