Many people find it much easier to choose unlocked SIM-free smartphones. They don’t have to sign-up to lengthy contracts and they have the flexibility to choose SIM tariffs that suit their requirements. Getting a standard smartphone at a very low price from network providers may seem appealing, but it may not be the best solution for you. Here are benefits of getting an unlocked smartphone:


  1. More money can be saved over the same period of time: Paying $599 outright for a unit of a smartphone is a lot of money. But it is still possible to buy unlocked smartphones with monthly instalments and we can spread the cost for the whole year. We will be free to choose any SIM plan from the most appropriate provider. It is possible to obtain decent tariff with any kind of data that suit us. With a little research, we should be able to obtain the most appropriate tariff in the market. By splitting the costs of SIM and smartphone, we can better tailor our smartphone usages. Compared to smartphones with contract, we may actually save a few hundreds of dollars over a 2-year period.


  1. It’s easy to adjust our tariff: If we purchase a non-contract mobile, we won’t be shackled into a restrictive 24-month period with a single network provider. When an attractive voice call or data plan deal is released by a single network, we can always change our SIM card. Many monthly plans are quite affordable and we can choose the one that best suits our need. It is not necessary to stick with a single mobile operator and we can switch our network operator whenever a much better offering comes along. We could watch for the latest “deal of the month” to ensure that we gain the best benefits from our network operator.


  1. Upgrading to a new smartphone is easy: Amazing new smartphone is released nearly every month and after one year, you could be eager to get a new one. Apple releases its new iPhone model in September each year and Samsung offers multiple selections in one year. After 12 months with an on-contract smartphone, we are still unable to change our device and we still have another year of financial commitment. If we do want to change our phone, network providers may charge us a hefty exit charge. With a non-contract smartphone, we could sell it for a decent money after one year and we can use the money to get the latest smartphone model. Network providers also offer a limited range of smartphone models and it is not necessary to get tied down to such a narrow selection of devices. Many smartphone models in the market are entirely unlocked and we can choose the one with the most appropriate features.


  1. You are in total control: Standard contract restricts your flexibility and until you pay off for the privilege of buying an expensive phone at low price, network providers won’t let you go. Switching to a new mobile operator could cause you to end up paying a huge exit fee. Any phone contract is designed to make you pay for the entire value of the phone, plus a lot more for the 24-month duration. Often, halfway through the contract, people find themselves feeling dissatisfied with their smartphones because, in just one year, a new model has been released. Things can get worse if you get a new on-contract device in the summer and impressive devices are released during the winter deals. Problems could also be caused by the network provider, especially if you are suffering from lack of reliable signal and poor customer services.