Their smartphone is often the last thing people look at before shutting their eyes. There are so many reasons why you shouldn’t use your smartphone in bed. If you use your smartphone in bed for too long and depending on how often, then this can affect your overall productivity the next day. We should listen to scientists who study on the effects of digital devices on our lives. Here are reasons you shouldn’t use smartphones before going to bed:


  • Your brain stays awake: When a large number of photons (light particles) are beamed into your eyes, it’s the same thing with telling the brain to stay awake. So, even if you are completely exhausted, it can be quite difficult to fall asleep, because your brain is still awake.  
  • Toxins are not cleaned up: When you are awake, neurons are highly active and they eventually need to rest. While your brain is resting, the Glial cells will clean up any trace of toxins in the brain. However, the cleaning up process can’t be completed properly, if we have less than 7 to 8 hours of sleep.
  • Memory and attention problems: When we lack sleep, it will be difficult to maintain attention and it’s possible that we will experience various memory problems. If you start having a problem remembering things or focusing on something, it is possible that you have poor sleeping habits. Today, these are often associated with the use of smartphones on the bed. Constant use of smartphones in bed could cause a decrease in overall productivity.
  • Poor problem-solving ability: If your brain doesn’t have enough rest and it can’t remove toxins completely. You will find it more difficult to deal with problems. Your ability to solve problems in real life situations can be seriously challenged. This is a common problem that affects people who don’t have enough sleep each night.
  • Weight problems: When you have a sleep problem, it is possible that your overall metabolism level will be out of whack. This may contribute to unexpected weight gain. So, using a smartphone in bed can be a contributing factor why you can’t lose fat. It is also discovered if your brain lacks enough sleep, it is more responsive to impulses associated with unhealthy food, such as junk food. If you feel the lack of energy, it is harder to rein in various negative impulses. Short sleepers among adults and children have a higher risk of obesity.

When you use a smartphone in bed, it is possible that you spend more than an hour. Also, when people watch videos or play games, they can spend two or three hours. It is better to use the time to get quality sleep that contributes to improved well-being.