We have hundreds of gadgets at our disposal that make our travelling easy. From a compass to GPS trekking, they are becoming useful and important for everyone to carry. These gadgets are not only a luxury for everyone, they are used to make our travels more secure. One such gadget that is taking the consumer tech storm is Apple Watch.

Apple watch has become one of the most important and hottest new devices in the electronic market. It is useful in almost every industry, especially travelling sector. Majority of the technology companies are stepping up with Apple to develop services and apps to cater travellers all around the world. There are apps that can allow you to monitor your health, become your credit/debit card, unlock your hotel room, and keep track of your flights and much more. They have become a necessity of travelling and today it is important to wear one always on your wrists for an enhanced travelling experience.

With passing time, more apps are being developed for Apple Watches. Although the majority of them are not perfect, there are few that we will always recommend our readers to use for a better travelling experience. Today, many airlines are offering multiple versions of their Apple Watch apps that provide information on flight delays, flights comparisons, estimations, prices, check-in information and much more. They also come in different languages, so it is not a barrier anymore. With new apps, your Apple Watch can also become a passbook. You won’t need to issue a boarding pass and you can easily navigate your way through the airport quickly.

Apple Watches offer numerous benefits to all the travellers. Following are 7 travel benefits of this amazing invention of the 21st century. Unlock multiple travelling luxuries with this smartwatch and enhance your time in a foreign country.

  1. Transportation information

You need unlimited transport information in your smartphones and Apple Watch whenever you are travelling in any foreign country. Having this information is crucial as it makes your travelling much easier. It also helps you to find Uber rides, their inbound time and any other detail you may need to know.

This smartwatch can also come in handy for accessing public buses, subways, and trams. You can also use it to convert the prices of tickets and other local items into your local currency, which makes it easier for you to decide whether to purchase them or not.

  1. Access to important travelling apps

There are a lot of travel apps that are important to have on your smart devices. You can download applications of travel agents that can provide you low-cost flight tickets to your destination, accommodation details, discounts on your stay and other services. You can also download the app of flight boarding pass known as Passbook, and use it to make your airport processes easier and quicker.

Optimize your Apple Watch and synchronize it with your iPhone for a seamless travelling experience. Get details, flight information, transport information and other important details on your wrists.

  1. Global Positioning System

One of the best features this smartwatch offers is Global Positioning System. With this application, you can track your location and movements on your watch. It can provide directions in a completely unknown city, and help you navigate through the city that is new to you, to all the important landmarks you don’t want to miss.

Apple Watch provides an amazing user experience. Before their advent, you had to carry your smartphones in your hands all the time, which was dangerous as it resulted in your mobile phones getting damaged by dropping from your hands or even worse, stolen. Now everything is right in front of you, and you don’t even need to take out your mobile phones for basic details.

  1. Translations

There are multiple apps that offer high-level translations on Apple Watches. Just get someone speaks into the watch and chooses from existing words or phrases that you need to translate. This device will do the rest in no time. With this Amazing gadget, you won’t need to carry multiple phrasebooks in your backpack that are very heavy. Let your watch take care of all the language barriers and you just worry about how to enjoy more with the locals. Communicating with locals in a foreign country is always fun, and with this amazing watch, it has become even funnier.

  1. Health monitoring

With this amazing device, you can now practically count your steps and calculate the total distance you have covered. With this luxury, you can monitor how much distance you are covering, and how much you need to cover more to achieve a certain health goal. You can also calculate your heartbeat, and calories burned in a day. It will help you to calculate how much you need to burn more in order to cut that unwanted fat from your body. Apart from time and date, that our digital watch used to tell, we have our hands on pretty much every important information with an Apple Watch.

  1. Weather updates

Weather is the ultimate enemy of any traveller. It can change anytime and make you suffer from its dark side in the open. For this reason, Apple Watch offers multiple applications that can tell you accurate weather reports all the time. Wherever you go, your Apple Watch will always protect you from any inconvenience that is caused by unwanted weather changes. You just need to turn on the GPS and all the updates will be on the homepage.

A weather app on Apple Watch will also provide you details on sunrise and sunset. So you can plan your sightseeing accordingly without any problem with the sun.

  1. World Clock

When you are continuously travelling in different time zones, it becomes a real problem to stay updated with the current time zone you are in. For this reason, Apple Watch now offers everyone with an accurate World Clock. You can automatically update your time zone, or manually place it. You can also consult World Clock on Apple Watch before making an international call to inquire about the time.