We keep hearing about how affiliate marketing has helped several people to earn that passive income easily by referring visitors to Flipkart, Amazon, or Snapdeal. Wondering how does that actually work? Are you surprised how is it possible to earn that passive income in today’s competitive world?

Well, it’s pretty simple. Getting customers in return for commissions is a properly systematized marketing technique and not some magic. Although it’s simple enough for anyone to use affiliate marketing, if you learn affiliate marketing before you start with your endeavour, it will help you to get adept at different techniques easily.

Before we learn more about affiliate marketing, let’s take a look at the basics.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

According to experts, affiliate marketing is the way to earn commission by promoting products and services offered by others. You find a product or a service that you like, you successfully sell it and earn a portion of the profit for each sale made.

So, how do you earn from Snapdeal, Flipkart, or Amazon? These brands offer affiliate programs or referral programs. You can sign up for these programs and select the products you want to promote the wide range of products they sell on their platform.

You can then start promoting these products on your blog or website via relevant content and you earn a referral commission each time a customer visits the merchant website via the affiliate link and completes a purchase.

Step by Step Guide to Learn Affiliate Marketing

  1. Understanding the difference between an affiliate marketing merchant and an affiliate marketer

An affiliate marketing merchant is the seller of the products and the services, while an affiliate marketer is the one who helps promote those products through different platforms.

  • As an affiliate merchant, if you have any products or services to sell to your visitors, you need to appoint some affiliate marketers/publishers who promote them for you for a fixed incentive. They do this through the affiliate program.
  • On the contrary, as an affiliate marketer, you can generate a passive income by using your marketing skills. You can sign up for the affiliate program offered by an affiliate merchant and start promoting their products/services. Whenever customers make a purchase through the affiliate link on your blog or website, you get a payout for each sale.
  1. Learn about the important terms related to affiliate marketing

Now that you understand the difference between affiliate marketing merchants and affiliate marketers, the next most important thing would be to learn about the commonly used terms in affiliate marketing.

Affiliates – are the marketers or publishers who use the affiliate links to promote products and make sales.

Affiliate Marketplace – Clickbank, Shareasale, or CJ are some of the different marketplaces that work as a central directory for different affiliate programs in specific niches.

Affiliate Software – are different tools and software that are used by companies to build an affiliate program or track sales and conversions.

Affiliate Link – is a tracking link that you get from the affiliate program and that helps you track the performance of the Affiliate Ad.

Payment Mode – is the method to pay the commission to the affiliate marketers such as PayPal, cheque, card payment, wire transfers, and more.

Commission/Payout – is the percentage share of the profit that you get for each sale.

2 Tier Affiliate Marketing – is a type of affiliate marketing where you allow others to join and then you receive an incentive whenever your sub-affiliates close a sale. This incentive is known as a sub-affiliate commission.

Landing Pages – are the target pages where the merchant wants the customer to reach, view the product and purchase it. For instance, it can be a page for a specific beauty product out of the hundreds of them on Flipkart, Amazon, or Snapdeal.

Link Clocking – is a technique that helps shorten big, confusing URLs into readable ones.

  1. Select your preferred product that you wish to promote for the affiliate merchant

It’s time you learn about the product types that can be successfully promoted with the help of affiliate marketing. All you need to do is to visit the e-commerce site and choose your favourite products that you are confident of promoting. It’s always better to choose a niche that you are familiar with.

  • Choosing a specific category that you would love to promote via affiliate marketing also helps target a specific audience for a specific type of affiliate marketing campaign.
  • Choosing a product type in affiliate marketing is called choosing a niche.
  • Check different e-commerce website for the payout offered for each of their products.


  1. Get a website and join an affiliate program

Having your own website is the most powerful way of promoting your affiliate links. The site should not just target specific audiences but should also offer detailed information for the audience in the best way possible.

  1. Learn how to insert your affiliate link to your blog/website

The next most important step would be to insert the affiliate link and strategically into your blog or website so that people are forced to click on it and complete a sale.

  • Login to the affiliate program.
  • Search for the product on the search bar by inputting the keyword/name of the product/search term.
  • Once you finalize the product you wish to promote, simply click on the button saying “Get Link” and the link will be assigned to you.
  • Now, just copy the link and paste it in the HTML editor of your blog or website.


  1. Create content for the product

Another very powerful way of promoting a product is by writing quality content such as product reviews, comparison articles, “How To” articles, recommendations, etc. Since content is king, it’s important that you write good content that’s helpful for the audience and compelling enough to make them click the link and complete a sale.

  1. Get targeted traffic by building a relationship with the audience

This is extremely important as building relationships will make your audience come back for repeat sale thus, increasing your traffic and profits. Some of the best ways to build a strong relationship would be through email marketing, paid promotions like PPC ads, Google AdSense, Article marketing and placing ads and links on free websites.

So, if you have understood the basics of affiliate marketing and want to make it big, learn affiliate marketing in depth and you can be one of those who earns millions in no time.