If you’re like me when you’re out and about you want to listen to the music you love. With the Audials Radio app, you can find just about every genre of music you want. With over 100,000 stations ranging from Country, Gospel, Pop, RnB, Rap, Soul and much more. The app also contains over 260,000 podcasts. You are able to record a station and listen at a time more convenient for you.

Audials Radio allows you to search for radio stations specific to an artist. You can find station by countries so you can listen to stuff even in Cape Verde or even Cayman Islands. Audials have an easy to use interface and all you do when you download the app and tap on just what you want. Once you find a station you can add it to favourite so it can easily be found. You have a number of different options within the app. Sleep timer allows you to set a time from one minute to 2 hours of listening. A perfect option to set if you are off to bed but just want to drift off with some good music. If there is a station that isn’t on the list then you can easily add it via its stream URL, link to .MPS or .PLS. There is also an option to change the podcast language.

There are no in-app purchases or advertisement, it’s all free to use without the worry of a pop ad distracting you from great music or an interesting podcast. With Audials you won’t have to listen to the same music you have on your device over and over again. The developers regularly update the database of the app.

Audials Radio is free to download and like I mentioned there are no in-app purchases or ads.