We have to admit that not everyone are interested in the astrology or what the world hold for us in the future. But for the ones that are and would love to know what their fortune holds, a really cool app call PalmistryHD might be just what you are looking for.

PalmistryHD is the prefect app to find out what the future holds for you by simply taking a photo of your palm, wait for less than 2 minutes and get the information on the app. PalmistryHD gives you a detail result and breaks it down so you will easily understand. You will even be able to share the results with whoever you want. The app also have a daily horoscope so you can see what’s in your star sign today, tomorrow and previous day. 

Once you download the app it goes through a few questions, such as your name, date of birth and gender. You can then choose to pay for your reading or you can go ahead and do the free option. Choosing to do the free option you will be limited by the results you receive. The free option will be focus on 2 topics compare to the classic version worth $8.99 and the premium version which sets you at $11.99. Whichever you go for, rest assure there are some detail report to look at.

– Life line; indicates general well-being, physical health, major life changes
– Heart line; indicates your emotional stability and romantic relationships
– Head line; represents intellect, learning style, communication style
– Fate line; indicates how much of your life is affected by circumstances beyond your control

– Love and Relationships
– Fitness and Health
– Success and Happiness
– Career and Money

PalmistryHD is free to download but does have that in-app purchase which, if you are really interested will attract you for sure.