With affiliate marketing maintaining its momentum in the past few years, every product and service has a huge scope of growth. Since now you know what affiliate marketing is, we shall understand the way we can maintain our network as well as manage it. Affiliate marketing software is an extremely powerful tool which helps us to keep a track of our affiliates and their marketing efforts to promote the products.

Adding an affiliate marketing management software to your website is one of the most effectively proven ways to gain more sales, online traffic as well as a great search engine ranking. Leaddyno.com has been a leader in providing well customized affiliate marketing software solutions to boost your sales and increase your market penetration.

Today affiliate marketing program has become a highly systematic and organized industry where there is scope of earning for everyone. With millions of affiliate marketers, you can build your own network and promote your products online through various channels. Ideally an affiliate marketing program involves a trader paying a certain percentage of commission to other online entities for referring new business to the dealer’s website. There is however a catch here; affiliates only get paid once their efforts yield results. This type of marketing effort is called- PPA or Pay-Per-Action.

Who are these affiliates?

We have all been hearing the terms ‘affiliates’, ‘associates’, ‘promoters’, etc. loosely, however, do we really know what this term means? Just to give you a quick insight, an affiliate can be anything or anyone, but usually they tend to be regular bloggers or content sites that are related to the dealer’s industry.

An affiliate works to build the merchants brand through various methods of advertising. It could be through writing product reviews or promotion on the merchant’s website, banner ads on their website leading the viewers to the dealer’s website and so on. They could also offer special coupons or discounts to invite visitors to the dealer’s website. Affiliates are like your working partners promoting your product through any and every means.

What are affiliate networks?

Affiliate program 101 states that it is important to build your affiliate network to earn more revenue. As a single person you can probably earn through one channel but if you build your network it gives you the headspace to enjoy more benefits through multiple channels. Some programs choose to work on just one network whereas; others may want to work on multiple ones.


The network uses cookies that are present on the customer’s website to track the customer’s progress from the affiliate’s website. Here if a customer completes a purchase or sale or action on the affiliate’s website, then the affiliate gets a chance of a payout. However, if the same product is sold through a different website, then the affiliate does not get the payout.

How are payments managed?

Suppose you have a product to sell online; you engage the services of a promoter for added customer engagement. The promoter further advertises this on his website as well as adds it in his network to get promoted. His associates also work collectively to promote one or more products and the chain continues. This cycle is continuously tracked via affiliate management software that enables the merchant to keep a track of the promotions and efforts.

Payments are difficult to manage, however, not impossible. It is usually a wise decision to use multi-channel distribution for augmented value and ROI on the product. There are many affiliates who jump on the bandwagon at the last minute and try to claim commissions for the customers brought in by them or through their affiliates. An automated affiliate management system ensures that the payments are managed well and no one is missed out.

How does the tracking system work?

Every person who is interested in becoming an affiliate needs to generate an ID from the system that he / she can then use to place on blogs, comments, reviews, etc. This is the URL generation system that is usually quite helpful as it is not really interruptive and at the same time noticed too. The unique ID generated by the affiliate program ensures that your number is tracked in the system and in linked back to all the other websites that the link is placed in. This gives a quick overview to the merchant about the clicks and actions taking place on their links as well as the sale ratio.

Affiliate marketing is a complex mosaic of multiple partners and associates that are involved in product promotion through various innovative methods. It is a great way to penetrate new markets and gain a customer base that also helps to bring the brand in front of the audience. As a merchant it benefits you with the sale of your product, as an affiliate you are benefitted by earning commissions and actually increasing your visibility too.

The affiliate marketing management software allows the merchant to gain access and monitor the efforts put in. Each affiliate tries to incorporate different ways to promote the merchant and value the ones that bring in incremental revenue. This way you are motivated to make the most of the links and cookies to increase your earning capacity. Systematic management software allows you to get detailed metrics with tons of graphs and charts, date range reporting, Excel or PDF exporting, formatted print views, etc. to help you track the affiliates.

The entire system is compiled with built-in security. Lead Dyno offers comprehensive affiliate marketing management software that comes with multiple plugins and tools to lead your advertising efforts efficiently. You can also enable advanced fraud protection and custom blocking tools, adjustable tracking termination, password hashing, etc. to keep your data safe. We provide seamless integration with almost all platforms such as PayPal, Shopify, Magento, etc.

Make the best of affiliate marketing along with a close record of all marketing efforts of various channels through effective affiliate management software system today!