Going down to the local supermarket to get the newspaper is becoming obsolete. In-fact the only person that seem to do that nowadays is my grandad. He’s 79 years old and I always say to him, why on earth are you still walking out to the shops to by newspaper just get the news on your phone. He always reply by letting me know that he’s old fashion. For those that are not so old fashion and do actually read the news on there phone, you need an app that have everything in one place. All the Sports, Travel, Politics, Fashion, Tech, Entertainment and much more in one app. 

That’s where SQUID comes in. It’s the prefect News app that keeps you up to date with not just the latest thats going on in your country but worldwide as well. The app allows you to filter just the News that you are interested in and doesn’t force you to read the News that’s you are not interested like some other apps do. Generally to keep up with the News daily you would have to have at least 4-5 different apps to get the latest updates. With SQUID you only need the one app.

The app user interface is amazing. The simple, fresh look makes it pleasing to the eye. The app loads quickly and also send you notifications with the latest News. SQUID is truly an essential part of the morning routine. The first app I find myself opening after turning off the alarm is SQUID. I know for sure the most up to date news will be waiting. The app simply grabs the News from the best source in your country. The app is free and the bonus is you won’t have to walk to the local shop like my grandad to get the newspaper. Because the News in the paper will generally be old by the time you wake up and get it.

Try SQUID, it’s available on iPhone and Android. All we need now is for the App to be supported on the Apple Watch. Hope the developers are listening.