Once again, Black Friday will soon be upon us and we can expect to encounter some truly amazing deals if we know where to look. This once-a-year sales event is particularly useful in relation to modern electronic gadgets, as many of us cannot normally afford these devices. Apple products certainly fall into this category and there are a host of money-saving offers available at our fingertips. Whether referring to the latest iPhone or an Apple watch, coming across some amazing discounts is much more of a reality than many believe. Let us take a look at a handful of worthwhile offers to keep in mind as we approach 24 November.


Currys PC World is one of the largest electronics retailers within the United Kingdom, so it only stands to reason that they will be offering some unbelievable deals in reference to Apple products. The Apple watch is already in high demand and customers will be able to take advantage of some interesting offers. It is wise to register in advance via their online portal, as the company will provide timely reminders as Black Friday draws near. It is possible to uncover economical rebates on many Apple watches and as sales begin at six o’clock in the morning, the early bird will certainly get the worm. Additionally, Currys is offering trade-in options for those who wish to exchange an older watch for a newer version. It is possible to receive up to £90 pounds in store credit. These funds can then be utilised to buy a modern model.


Online retailers offer the advantage of providing a kaleidoscope of bargains based upon category and price. Each of these can be accessed from the comfort of one’s home as opposed to being forced to physically visit a retail centre. Amazon.co.uk should a priority for anyone who is searching for great deals on Apple products. Of course, the exact bargains will be based off the the seller and the type of product that is being displayed. It is nonetheless a fact that those in search of used iPhones and smart watches will often choose this source. However, we should mention that it is wise to only work with respected sellers who are able to boast a solid track record.


Argos is another highly respected provider of electronics to the UK marketplace. They have taken advantage of Black Friday deals in the past, so this year should prove to be no different. They are particularly known for economical offers related to household appliances and laptops. However, bargains on mobile phones and tablets are just as prevalent. One feature worth noting is that Argos provides customers with a window of up to 12 months to pay when they apply for an Argos Card. This is a very useful benefit for those who wish to obtain a quality product without being forced to overstretch their budget before the holidays kick in. It is possible to register for an Argos Card online and the process will take only minutes.

Newer iPhones

Anyone who has been keen to get their hands on the latest iPhones will be happy to know that a number of broadband providers are offering some cost-cutting plans. For example, EE is currently promoting a package associated with 100 gigabytes of monthly data at an up-front cost of a mere £9.99. Of course, monthly rates and surcharges will still apply. Other notable firms to research include Carphone Warehouse, O2 and Three. It is wise to examine each of these in greater detail, as their plans are often able to cater to discrete budgetary needs.

Taking the Financial Guesswork Out of the Equation

The ability to compare and contrast all available Black Friday deals is essential and websites such as Broadband Choices provide users with the latest offers. From mobile phones to broadband packages and entire contracts, it has never been easier to appreciate the available options. Black Friday is nearly upon us, so there is no better time than the present to take advantage of what is in store.