Apple launched its wearable a long time ago. Although all watches help us in telling time, Apple watch not only tells you the accurate time but it allows you to view the time. It’s a device that has some advanced features. It’s a device that keeps you up to date with the schedule you’ve set and also act as health and fitness companion that helps you to discover ways to get motivated. Here’s a list of major selling points of Apple watch and why you’ll want an Apple watch.

Health and Fitness Tracking

Apple watch has a heart sensor on its underside, it also has a feature that can trace the well-being of an individual. The app collects all the data of your movements in a day- standing, moving, walking movements and prompts you to start moving when you’ve been sitting for long. You can even set goals on the watch and the watch will help you and approach your targets. Apple watch gives you rewards when you achieve the goal. The workout app gives you a summary of the activities and get updates and send you feedback when you exercise.

Hotel or Car key placement

Apple showed a whole list of apps, the app lets you see the reservation information on your watch. Not only this the watch acts as a key and can open the door with a tap on your watch. This device helps you unlock your car door when you’re close to it, with a tap on your watch. There’s no need to carry keys around or hunt for them.

Novel Digital Crown

Smartwatches have tiny displays which can be hard to use, but Apple has a cool device that will make the navigation on the small screen easier. The watch has a knob on the right side of the watch that act as a home button. Clicking that button will take you to the main screen, and lets you zoom into the apps and scroll through the interface.

Digital touch communication

Apple cares about your loved ones. Keeping up with your loved ones will be a fun feature with Apple watch digital touch feature. You can draw a smiley face or a heart shape on the watch face and send it to a friend. The heart sensor will check your pulse rate and transmit to your pal. The walkie talkie feature lets you send voice or vibrations to your contacts with the patterns you like. You can even make watch-to-watch calls to friends if they have wearables.


The voice assistant got more convenient. Siri on the Apple watch acts the same. You don’t have to life your fingers, you can just say “Hey Siri” too het your assistant’s attention to take your command. The Siri watch face shows you the information based on your location for example weather forecast and calendar events etc.

Notifications and glances

In addition, Apple watch has a feature to deliver information in the form of actionable notifications and glances. This can be in the form of reminders for upcoming event or to notify something important. If you forgot to switch off the lights of your room, a smart home app will inform you with the option to switch it off.

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