Is getting the Apple Watch a worthy decision? These days, you are able to carry a lot in your pocket using your phone. Basically, the computer we used to know is gradually undergoing compression to fit in our pockets, and this has come as a convenient way to ensure we have access to vital information that can help us pursue different goals.

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But one would ask if it still makes sense to get the Apple Watch considering the functionalities included in many smartphones currently in the market. Well, Noelle Neff, a tech enthusiast who has been writing on many topics including new tech products, has pointed out that indeed there are reasons that justify getting the Apple Watch to run your days in a more organized manner. Here are few you need to know about.


The Apple Watch is a convergent device that assists you on various aspects. Unlike looking for time on your phone, you won’t need to reach your pocket as you only need to turn your wrist and the screen lights up showing the time and date. It’s the easiest way to access time whenever you have tasks lined up to be completed within a timeline. It also comes with personalization features like monogram that also help you to set alarms and use a stopwatch. You could even set complications to ensure you receive reports about different activities like sports, weather updates, and news.


You might have thought the only way to receive notifications is through your phone, but with the Apple Watch you simplify the process even further. When the notifications get to your Apple Watch, you will feel a subtle tap but the screen will not light until you turn your wrist to view the message. This notification comes with a brief summary of the information and it provides the name of the app as well as some text. The watch also comes with a notification center where you can glance at all that gets to your phone, all this without the need to reach your pocket.

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Health and fitness

Apple also recently refocused the smart watch to feature supportive features for fitness and health. It comes with a heart rate monitor as well as GPS, which makes the watch a compelling companion for exercise and wellness. It allows you to automatically track basics including moving around and standing. The watch is able to track your walks, rides, runs, and more. Most importantly, it offers an improved water resistance when you buy series 2 and 3, so you can also swim while wearing it and still get maps of routes on land in the sea.

Apple Pay

The Apple Pay app on the Apple smart watch is magical. It eliminates the need to fumble in your pocket for your iPhone or wallet. All you need is to simply press a button on the watch while holding it closer to the terminal and it does the job. It is always on your wrist easily accessible and does not reveal details about your credit card.


Communication is also a core functionality embedded on the Apple Watch that you can utilise to connect with friends. It comes with messaging features built in, which offers you convenience especially when you expect to receive updates through text. You could reply by talking or simply text from the watch. When longer communications are involved, you can view the brief on the watch then later reply on your phone. If the watch is the Series 3, it even allows you to make calls and dictate or write even when your phone is not in the vicinity.

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