When you’re job hunting you always try to make it your duty to have an up to date CV and put yourself in the best position on the market. But often recruiters are looking for just a bit more than your skills and education. Sometimes they just want to know more about the person that they wish to employ. That’s why a personality test is usually a good idea. You don’t normally get to test your personality with a free app but there is a chance with GoTalent.

GoTalent has the ability to evaluate your personality strengths and weaknesses in under 15 minutes. Developed by psychologists the app can show you your personality traits and what employers will see before they hire you. The app is easily utilised by employers looking for the right person for the job. When you have a potential candidate you can get them to use the app and you will be able to see there profile and make a decision to employ them. Once the test is complete you are presented with the results in a graph with details in a range of categories.

Once you install the app, you will need to sign up with your name and email. You have two options, take the test yourself or invite a candidate. A person can complete the test in under 15 minutes however you can take as much time you want. There are 32 questions, you have 3 answers to choose from, choose one that best suits you with a thumbs up and one that doesn’t with a thumbs down. The other you leave blank.

The GoTalent 17 key personality traits:

1. Ambition
2. Persistence
3. Integrity

4. Planning & Organization
5. Confidence
6. Stress Tolerance

7. Warmth
8. Collaboration
9. Influencing Others

10. Imagination and Creativity
11. Analysis and Problem Solving
12. Flexibility

13. Inspirational Motivation
14. Mentoring
15. Task Focus
16. Monitoring Performance
17. Passive Leadership

The app is free to download and available on both Appstore and Google Play. Check out what your personality is like and if you are an employer use the app to choose the right person for the job.