After the entire buzz, Apple announced all its major new releases on September 12. There was iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, most-anticipated iPhone X, iOS 11 and watchOS 4. But among all that, Apple also introduced its latest Apple Watch Series 3 as well. So, that’s certainly something to look forward to for Apple’s smartwatch users as Apple has really taken it to the next level.

In fact, some of the best watchOS 4 features help new Apple Watch give you an incredibly amazing experience. So, if you can’t wait anymore and want to know what new Apple Watch Series 3 is all about, here are some of the features that make it stand out.

  1. Built-In Cellular

Without even a single shred of out, the stand out feature of new Apple Watch Series 3 is built-in Cellular and GPS support. Earlier versions of Apple Watch required syncing with the iPhone using Bluetooth feature for utilizing cellular capabilities.

However, in latest iteration, you’re now free to make cellular calls right from your Apple Watch. There is, literally, no need of carrying your iPhone with you all the time. And what’s even better is that you can run same mobile number as on your iPhone right there on the Apple Watch as well. First time ever in Apple Watch history, it is now possible to send texts and make/receive calls solely from the Apple Watch.

  1. Streaming Music

The addition of cellular capabilities to Apple Watch Series 3 now allows users to use it with the Apple Music application. You get access to 40 million different tracks that you can stream right there on your Apple Watch. Again, there is no need to have your iPhone around just to listen to your favorite music on the go. The digital assistant from Apple, Siri, can now communicate to you from your Apple Watch using built-in speaker as well. So, you can even ask Siri to play your favorite tracks to help you extend your runs a bit further.

  1. Design & Processor

There is a lot that Apple has given its new 3rd generation Apple Watch and that includes a speedier dual-core processor as well. It allows for 70% faster performance as well as makes graphics loading a lot snappier. And, despite adding such muscle to the new Watch, Apple has still managed to keep Watch size the same as Apple Watch Series 2. However, that crystal towards back of the watch has been given a slight extension, increasing it only by 0.25 mm.

  1. Enhanced Wi-Fi

Besides the design and power improvements, Apple has also made some hardware improvements for boosting connectivity of its new Apple Watch. As there is not much space available internally, even nano-SIM card might have been too cumbersome, therefore, the engineers at Apple decided to come up with an even slimmer E-SIM card for the new Apple Watch Series 3. W2 chip also exists for improving wireless and Bluetooth connectivity and it almost doubles up the Wi-Fi speed on latest Apple Watch. Both the features now become 50% more efficient than before.

Barometric Altimeter

None of the Apple Watch models available before Apple Watch Series 3 offered elevation tracking capabilities. We’d take that as nothing but a serious technological blunder as that’s something every fitness tracker should have. The previous Apple Watch iterations needed iPhone connectivity for being able to track elevation. However, that pitfall has been removed with the introduction of new Apple Watch. The new Apple Watch now comes with barometric altimeter for tracking and recording elevation metrics while performing workouts. As altimeters already exist in competing fitness trackers, Apple has finally managed to remove this deficiency from its smartwatch.

So, pretty convinced that new Apple Watch is worth buying? Pre-orders have already started on September 15, place your order now and get your hands on this wonderful new gadget from Apple as it starts shipping.