Smart phones have been playing a major role in the day to day life of almost every independent human being at a major platform. Starting from a student to the aged people who stay and survive on their own, smartphones have been a great helping hand in every purpose. Initially, a phone was designed to bring in communication between two people at different places and it was believed that this service or invention would make life easy by connecting people in need.

It would shorten the distance between people and relatives by letting them talk to each other over the phone but smartphones have gone beyond every limit and the application developers are pushing themselves beyond every boundary to let the smartphones make life easier every day. The size of the device is just a dummy, the actual work lays in the features and application a smartphone stores in it. When people thought that this is it, no more evolution can happen with this anymore, watch apps came in which surprised people with the advancement of technology.

These applications brought in the possibility of keeping the smartphone away and still handling it through a wrist watch only. The watch is no more limited to just showing the time and the calendar. One can manage notifications from various google apps, watch and read news, videos, and gifs and can also manage workout routine via watch apps on smartphones. A person who love working out and have a habit of going to the gym every day or has a proper schedule for running or cycling, especially the athletes can install the app named STRAVA in their smartphones.

This app helps in keeping a watch over various aspects of body exercises such as record the running distance and time, track on workout routine and cycling timing. Not only this but it also evaluates and analyzes the performance so that one can know the performance result and compare and improve it accordingly. It also connects people with other athletes who use this app for better communication and information gathering. This app is available for free and one can simply download it and get going with their working out routine.

People have been using the Uber app recently with the smartphones for booking cabs. Now this entire thing can be done via wrist watch too. One can book a cab, see the driver’s details, track the ride and see the navigation too on the watch itself. No extra amount is required to be paid for using this app on the watch. The only money that one needs to pay is to the cab driver of course. Similarly, for people who like to keep updated on the current affair and have an interest towards every day news can install the quartz app which provides instant updates over the topics that one choose from the entire list available. Any breaking news on related topics flashes in the watch and one can choose to see or ignore it or watch it later when convenient.

If you are too a tech crazy person then you must be using these apps or want to try them out. Make sure when going for latest gadgets for yourself, do not invite debt trouble. Debt issues are common and thus you need to be wise when buying such luxury gadgets. No doubt you can always check out for consolidation for solving your debt issues but at the same time being a bit careful is always essential. You can click here to learn more about consolidation and go for it when needed.