The demand and craze for owning an apple watch is due to the various amazing and not easily available features that the watch stores in it. Some of its key features that make the apple watch a must have are listed below-

  • Functional accuracy– starting from the time display to the other displays on the small screen of a wrist watch, everything is pretty accurate and up to the satisfaction level. The watch time is accurate up to plus or minus fifty milliseconds. The small screen displays working windows which can be zoomed in and out as per the need. The feature of retina display works upon the pressure with which one clicks on the watch.
  • Style– the belts of the watch is available in various material and colors and hence one gets a lot of varieties to choose from. Depending upon the preferred color and comfortable material one can make a selection. Along with this there are three different variants on the apple watch namely apple watch, apple watch edition and apple watch sports.

  • Reminders, notifications and maps– one does not have to take out the iphone every time one gets a notification or a reminder or one needs to navigate in a new city or place. The watch dial would help in getting them all at just a glance. One can manage reminders and see the upcoming important dates in the watch itself. The notifications on various subscribed news channels can be seen in the watch and the map of a particular city or area can be seen in the watch itself.
  • Fitness tracker– the watch helps people in installing fitness apps and apps that would act as a personal trainer for an individual. The watch helps in recording the workout time, accuracy, performance level and it also tracks the distance and time taken while jogging, running or cycling. It also counts the laps and the heartbeat rates time to time. It helps in evaluating the everyday performance and provides better ways to grab a fit body. The app helps in making a plan and following it without a fail one can select a routine such as weight loss, meditation, fat loss and weight management and the app would notify one and give reminders for the meals and workout timings was per the plan. It also provides motivational messages and workout tips depending upon the plan one has decide to follow.
  • Siri and friends– linking siri with the small watch brings one to the fact that such a small device cannot have a keyboard and hence the siri means that one can get in to a conversation with siri and get the works done accordingly. One can pre decide the reply to messages and also dictate siri about the rest. One can make a list of friends one feels like getting in touch every day and then call or text that list whenever one get time without having to bother about taking out the phone and then typing the messages individually.

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