The brand apple has brought in a revolution in the field of smart phones and operating system with its exciting features and surprising application and is continuing to do so since it has hit the smart phone industry. The iPhones by apple are the most futuristic phones and now they are not limited to just phones but watches too. Apple watches have hit the market hard and is mesmerizing people with it’s out of the court features. Some major apps that the apple watches have to offer are listed below-


  • Evernote– this app helps in organizing the owner’s life. It is a one in all application that helps in taking notes as required and then remembering them for the future use. It helps people in being more productive and utilizes the time better. One can set reminders as required and one would not have to look at the phone again and again which sometime become inconvenient. Business persons and entrepreneurs can get important reminders while in a meeting by just looking at the watch so that the entire decorum of the conference room doesn’t get disturbed. One can even create a list of the works to be done in a day or a week and store information from the business cards one receives instantly. The major task performed with this app is, this app helps one in getting notifications and reminders by synchronizing the data between all the devices a person holds accounts in.


  • Weather underground– as the name suggests, this app helps in getting the weather forecast very quickly and one can even see the weather forecast for ten upcoming days. The apps collect and evaluate information from over 2 lakhs of weather stations and hence the date provided by the weather underground app is one to rely upon without having a doubt. This forecast helps in planning special events and meetings without having to get delayed due to the weather.


  • Citymapper– going around a new city can be a bit difficult for a new person in the city. The Citymapper app helps people in getting directions, information about the various conveyances such as the bus routes, trains, cabs available, subways etc. and the bus and train schedules to various places too. The app also notifies one when there is a traffic and delay in transportation and also suggest with an alternative route to reach the destination on time. It also maps the routes that are best suitable for covering a distance on cycle or walking.


  • Quartz– this app helps in providing people with news updates. It works on the basis of a text conversation between the app and the user and the user gets the privilege to choose among the various new topics. The app sends alerts in shows headlines on the chosen topic and then it is up to the user to watch the news or ignore it. The application displays short headlines, charts, related pictures and links on the topics that have been chosen by the user and is the best app to stay updated over the current affairs.


Apple watch is the desire of every heart today but when going for it make sure you do not disturb your budget. It is very important to make sure that you are not falling into debt issues for this desire. No wonder there is consolidation loan option which is much effective for your debt issues but taking care and spending within budget is always a wise decision. So, if you are not able to afford it now it is wise to start saving and go for it when you really can.