In this era of digital revolution, monitoring your kid’s internet activities is very important. They are always busy surfing net, trying to know the unknown. Internet is home to billions of web pages and a large chunk of the material is inappropriate for kids. Kids of this generation are smart enough to look for information that arouses their curiosity. No matter how careful parents are, teenage minds are clever enough to outsmart them in every ways possible.

Teens getting access to inappropriate adult content

As more tens are given smartphones and iPhones, the chances of adult content exposure is high. Not always parents are with their kids, so they have the least idea of their kid’s online behavior. Most of the parents these days are busy working for a major part of the day, so they do not have much time to spend with their kids. Kids have their own world where they are always busy with their smartphones or their laptops. They are always hooked to these electronic gadgets and gradually isolate themselves from the society. They fail to connect to their parents and gradually a distance is created. Internet is something that can be considered their only friend during times of loneliness. It is a place where you can talk to people, browse to know the unknown, make new friends or even learn a new topic. When kids have access to internet, browsing net, watching videos or chatting with the friends takes all their time. Internet is the hub of information. It has paved the way for better means of communication. The world is in our hands, where any sort of information can be accessed from the comforts of our home. It is up to the user to use internet wisely so that it does not affect our lives. Teens do not always have a clear understanding of this fact. They are curious in nature and they tend to search terms and phrases that are not suitable for their age.

Accidental viewing of adult content:

Not always kids are curious to know stuff that is not suitable for their age group. Sometimes kids try to complete their assignments and they look for help from internet. They try to look for something but end up opening these sites accidentally. It is a trick of online predators where raunchy adult content keeps on popping on the screen. This is a way to trick children into clicking those advertisements and gradually paving the way for the entry of malware. Sometimes viruses and malware are disguised in the form of alluring advertisement that attracts adolescent minds. As soon as somebody clicks on these advertisements, the malware is automatically downloaded in the system.

Role of parents:

It is difficult to control young minds especially when they are in their adolescent period. Parents have to be very careful with the internet usage of the kids. They have to explain how internet needs to be utilized wisely so that it is beneficial for their future. Setting time restrictions on internet usage is something very important. Internet is a world of wonder, so one needs to be very cautious while utilizing it in fruitful manner. Not only calls, messages or WhatsApp monitoring, parents need to monitor their kids when it comes to internet usage.

For parents it is a little difficult to know whether their kids are viewing adult content. Especially if both the parents are working, the day to day schedule is very hectic. They have to be sure of certain symptoms that can help them to understand if their child is viewing adult content. Often when parents work on desktop or laptops, they come across sexually explicit content or advertisements. If they come across sexually explicit material, then it is sure that somebody had accessed adult content from the home desktop or from phones earlier. Search engines always come up with advertisements and suggestions based on earlier researches. So if you come across such types of adult based content, it is entirely because somebody has searched similar content earlier. This would be enough for you to keep a track of your kid’s internet activities.

Content filtering apps:

The best way you can prevent your kid from viewing content inappropriate is to go for content filtering. There are a lot of monitoring apps and software that can help you to filter content that is not suitable for your kids. The apps are built in such a way that it can block all those websites that seem to be harmful for your kid. Also certain specific keywords can be blocked and your kid would not be able to view any more of this embarrassing content online. The best part of these monitoring apps is that you can check all the logged activities from an online secured panel. Child smartphone monitoring has become easier with the advent of these kinds of applications. You can relax at your home, log in to the secured account of the app and view all the internet usage activities. Apart from internet usage activities, you can track their location; keep a track of calls and messages along with monitoring photos and videos stored. Parents can also block browsers for specific time of the day if they do not want their kids to use internet 24×7 a day.

The job of a parent does not end here. The best way to prevent your kid from viewing adult content online is to be honest and open with them. You have to make them understand your thoughts and opinions about online adult content and how it is harmful for teenage minds. It is your duty to make them realize that this kind of content can have a bad impact in their life.  If they have come across this kind of content, they must be honest enough to disclose it to their parents. Parents must be open enough to inform their kids that they are being monitored. Also as a parent you need to set time limits when it comes to internet usage. Do not forget to keep laptops and mobile phones in places where your entire family can keep a track of what is going on. Monitoring kids in a healthy way is something that every parent should follow religiously for a better future of your loved ones.