Are you a Fitness freak? Smartwatches and Fitbits are the terminal devices given by the science and technology. Smartwatches are competing with the smartphones by their amazing features like calling, GPS and other applications.

Fitbit has come up with the best fitness tracker. You can not only track your footsteps but also measure how many calories you have burned. You just need to wear this Fitbit band or smartwatch, and it will monitor everything.

Fitbits are very useful for heart patients too; it can calculate your heart rate efficiently. It works not only in daytime, but also calculate your sleeping hours. This post contains best Fitbit reviews in 2017.

Smartwatches And Smart Fitbits Reviews:

Samsung Gear S3

Samsung Gear S3 is certainly the best smartwatch, which is giving stiff competition to the other smartwatches available in the market. The S3 smartwatch is designed smartly with the intuitive interface for tracking your day-today activities.

Tizen OS embedded in it, which is compatible with Android, iOS devices and have dual-core processor. Its other features are – wireless charging, 4GB storage, OLED screen, GPS and three days battery life that makes it strong place in the market.

It is an exceptional timepiece, offering all the features of smartwatches at an affordable price. Its large size is the only limitation, but still people love it.

Asus ZenWatch 3

Are you looking for an Android Wear smartwatch?, Asus ZenWatch 3 will be the best fit for you. It is beautifully structured, having an excellent battery life of 2 days. It supports Android and iOS compatibility and has the display of 1.39″.

No doubt, it is an attractive smartwatch, but it lacks some feature like GPS, heart rate monitoring and no wireless charging mode, etc. It works on Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor to increase the performance rate.

Because of the quick look and low price tag to catch buyer’s’ eyes, it has received 4 rating stars and positive reviews from consumers.

LG Watch Sport

LG smartwatch has an amazing and appealing design and to attract the smartwatch lovers. Working on Snapdragon Wear 2100 process, it provides you calling facility without the mobile phone.

Its battery life of 16 hrs is comparatively less than the others mentioned above. This brawny-looking watch has overcome the drawback of Asus smartwatch. It is specially meant for fitness purpose. It assures you some blistering features like heart rate monitoring, GPS tracking, and many others.

This smartwatch, which is rated 4.5 stars, is easy to afford even if you do not have much budget to spend.

Fitbit Blaze

Here comes the Fitbit Blaze to fulfill your dream of getting smartwatch and Fitbit band together. It is one of the highly used intuitive fitness trackers. With the passing time, more and more features are adding to it.

Fitbit blaze helps you to keep an eye on nodding off, how much you’re getting enough shut-eye. Its unusual feature is, you can change its look by swapping out bands. You can put it into some other frame quickly.

For tracking and sorting your stride length, always make sure to connect with GPS mode on your compatible smart mobile phone. If you check best Fitbit reviews in 2017, Fitbit blaze is surely among one of them.

It has the 4-star rating and good user reviews. Having a standard look and smart features, this device has maintained value in top Fitbits.

Fitbit Flex 2

Our wait for the waterproof fitness tracker has become over with Fitbit Flex 2. It is a swimming friendly fitness tracker designed for the swimmers. It has less advanced features than Fitbit Charge 2, but still, it is perfect to buy.

With an affordable price around $100 and 4 rating stars, it is a crowd puller device looking for the fitness tracker, which is slim, versatile and of course, waterproof.

The best change of pace, it is very sleek and is rarely noticeable. You can wear it at daytime, or at night, it has fancy look and lightweight. One more additional feature, it is available in different colors to increase attractiveness.

Fitbit Surge

The company launched Fitbit Surge for the sports persons. This sports tracking wearable device is for those who love running, cycling and do the regular workout.

Fitbit Surge has the most advanced tracker till date. It supports optical heart rate sensing and has built-in GPS. It is available with much more features than sports watches and is in trend.

There is a button on the left side to switch from your daily stat view mode to function screen. You can also set up color change from the service display and the two right side buttons, which are used for the selection inputs.

It is capable of tracking your steps, measuring distance traveled and calories burned during the workout. Also, it gives GPS connectivity, and you can connect it with your smartphone.

Wrap up

We are pleased to share the best Fitbit reviews in 2017 with you. We have discussed the reviews for smart watches and Fitbits to help you in picking out the best among them. For fitness freakers, Fitbits are the better option than smartwatches.

They both have equal importance. Smartwatches support Android and iOS apps and calling feature where Fitbit doesn’t support apps and calling.