I think an Apple Watch is one of the coolest things you can show off to your friends and peer groups. If you are having an Apple Watch, you can easily pair it with your Bluetooth headphones, do fitness & tracking to lead a healthy & fit life. One thing I really like about Apple Watch is its availability to a wide variety of healthy & fitness apps, trust me most of them are pretty cool.


So, allow me to discuss top 7 health and fitness apps for your Apple Watch Series 2.


Topping the list is the app called “Strava”. Since its launch in 2008, this social media app has become quite popular amongst the fitness enthusiasts and above all, it is quite a familiar term for the cycling fraternity. For most of the cyclists, this app is an indispensable part of cycling. The app is made in a way that it helps in tracking both cycling and running. You can have a glance at the total time, distance, and pace right at your Apple Watch. It is up to you whether you would like to receive segment alerts helping you know your exact status in your workout and moreover you don’t need to pull out your iPhone.

Download this free app to keep a track on your rides, runs, and various other activities. Once you have downloaded the app, you can follow your friends and training experts and encourage them and get encouraged by posting comments. You can also share the best moments of your run via images on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


This GPS-based tracking app offers two different apps offered exclusively for Apple Watch – Bike and Run. With both, you enjoy the convenience of starting, stopping, and pausing your workouts conveniently right from your wrist. The app also facilitates you to have a look at various stats such as altitude, distance, pace, and more.

Using the app, you can see how much calories you have burnt. When you are having a look at the saved runs, your route will be displayed on the map colour coded by speed. With the help of green colour, you will get to know where you went the fastest and the red colour will signify where you travelled the slowest.

If you don’t want to look at the screen time again and again, then the app will make you familiar with your progress in set distance/time intervals, it is certainly a handy feature. Interestingly, you can even track the distance of your running shoes. This will help you know when is the right time to replace them.


This is one of the most feature-rich apps for your Apple Watch. You can easily open this app before setting off on a run and the app will show you the pace, speed, distance, and all the calories you have burnt. You can also receive cheers from your friends and family members while you are doing your workout. Using the watch’s notifications, the app will also display weekly numbers.

The best part is that you don’t have to take out your iPhone to start, stop, and end your workout sessions. One of the unique features offered by this app is that you can download stories and other content to listen to while you are running. There is a Glances feature as per which an avatar will be displayed and it will guide you how varied exercises should be done correctly.


With CARROT Fit app, getting in shape is great fun. From threats and inspiration, this will app will keep you entertained while you meet your fitness goals. Try the 7-minute workout having a total of 12 exercises, you can easily track your weight and collect rewards every time you do well. Also working with Apple Health, this app helps you to save both your weight and workout data. Switching to your next exercise is easy with your Apple Watch on your wrist, you don’t have to reach your pocket to grab your iPhone.

You can have a look at what workout you should be ideally doing, for that all you need is to Force Touch on the watch’s display to pause your workout or to have a look at the instructions for how to do a certain exercise.

Key features –

  • Check your body mass index (BMI).
  • Record your weight up to once a day.
  • Get to earn rewards for cutting down extra pounds.
  • Track your progress on a pretty graph.
  • Share all your gains and losses with your buddies.
  • Set reminders so you never miss out a weigh-in.


If you hit the slopes quite often, then download this app on your Apple Watch right away. Go on track your edge and recall some of the finest moments with “Slopes”. It does not matter whether you are deep in the Alps or at a local resort, the app gives you an opportunity to brag all those exciting moments. Using the app, you can easily track your speed, distance and more, all while saving your iPhone’s battery.

Let us discuss the features offered by Slopes –

The best recaps –

  • Unique timeline view of the day along with an interactive map.
  • There are stat breakdowns for each lift and each run.
  • Easily integrates with Apple’s Health app to report the calories burned and workouts.
  • Enjoy the provision of replaying your runs in 3D along with speed heat maps.
  • Attach photos and notes to all your activities.
  • Tracking your season totals and lifetime vertical is easy with Slopes.

Smart Recording –

  • Enjoy live stats both on your iPhone and Apple Watch.
  • Both your lifts and runs get automatically detected as you ride.
  • The app uses less battery. This helps you to record all day without thinking of the battery drain.
  • Hands-free control with Siri both on your Apple Watch and iPhone.

Flaunt your activities –

  • Enjoy easy export of all your day’s activities to Google Earth and various other apps back on your computer.
  • Enjoy sharing your day’s stats on various social media platforms including – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


It won’t be wrong to call Lifesum as your personalised health and lifestyle guide. This smart app will take all your lifestyle goals along with healthy data to create a plan that will help you lead a happy life. So, whether you are looking to lose weight, gain weight, want to have a muscular physique, or you are just looking to live a healthier life, this app will take care of all that.

Key features –

  • Get motivated.
  • The app gives you a personalised roadmap of how and what changes you need to make for the better.
  • Go on and build a healthy lifestyle as per your needs.
  • Inviting your friends and enjoy having your own community.
  • Get exercise tips to enjoy better training.
  • Learn how to eat wisely.
  • Track your progress.

Green Kitchen

With a simple tap on the screen, you will enjoy access to a wide variety of healthy recipes and how to make them in an easy to understand steps. The app has an in-built timer within the watch notifying you when you should take out a particular item out of the oven.

Key features –

  • Get an estimated time for each recipe.
  • Over 100 handpicked recipes.
  • Impressive retina graphics.
  • Several recipes along with photos.
  • Sharing the recipes with your friends and family members on AirDrop is easy.
  • Smart Timer knows what exactly are you cooking.

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