Do you own the Apple Smart Watch? Maybe, you’ve been eying it in the store trying to decide if it’s worth the ticket price. While so much of what the Apple Smart Watch is well documented, there are a number of features that you may not know about, many of which can be extremely helpful. Take a look at the following surprising features and see if the Apple Smart Watch is for you.

Make Use of Voice Commands

Just like with your other Apple iDevices, the smart watch makes it possible to use voice commands. Think about how handy this can be when you’re out for a walk/jog, driving to work, doing chores around the house, and relaxing outdoors. This hands-free option is a huge selling feature for the watch. Make sure to address the watch as Siri so it understands that you are giving it a command. It can do such things as open an app, play music, provide you with information online, and much more.

Use It For Music Streaming

We all know how big music streaming is nowadays, and there’s a good chance you’ve already engaged in this with your other iDevices. Well, your Apple Smart Watch is just as capable of streaming music to exterior speakers as your iPhone or iPod touch. If you’d rather, you can use the headphones. The watch uses Airplay, which is able to connect with any Bluetooth-enabled speaker. These external speakers give you much better, clearer, and louder sound which allows for an enjoyable music listening experience.

Play Games Whenever You Like

Even though the screen is rather mall on the Apple Smart Watch, you can still use it to play a variety of games. All you have to do is head on over to the Apple Store and browse through the thousands of options available to the Smart Watch.

The Watch Features Force Touch

Force touch is a big selling feature for consumers. It allows you to hold your finger down on the watch and then be given a variety of options/tools/features. It’s a great and fast way to navigate the tools on your device in order to accomplish the desired task.

Never Get Lost Again

There’s no need to waste time and get yourself all stressed out by getting lost because you can use the maps in the Apple Smart Watch to navigate with ease. And, just in case you left your iPhone at home, the Smart Watch is a very reliable GPS tracker.

Do a Little Flirting with Your Watch

We don’t exactly think of a watch as a tool for flirting, but the Apple Smart Watch helps you do just that. The taptic engine is a unique offering that will notify you with a gentle and quiet vibration that you have received a message from someone special. It’s a great way to have a private and intimate conversation.

Screenshots Made Easy

Pretty much everyone has done a screenshot on their smartphone or tablet, and the Smart Watch is no different. Apple’s watch makes it possible to take a screenshot exactly how you would do it on your iPhone. This image is then automatically stored in your Photos app.

Stay Up-to-Date on Emails

There is no need to carry your phone or tablet with you everywhere you go if email is a concern. Your Smart Watch makes it possible to check your emails and iMessages any time you want. Messages can be deleted, flagged, and marked as unread or read. You can even send a reply straight from your watch.

Apple Pay at Your Disposal

If you’ve been using Apple Pay to purchase goods and services, then you’ll appreciate the fact it is built into your Apple Smart Watch. Go shopping and leave your wallet or purse at home.

Reject or Answer Calls with Ease

Speaking of making things easy and convenient, the Apple Watch gives you the ability to reject or answer calls. It basically becomes a second screen for your iPhone. When a call comes in, your watch will light up. You can then choose to transfer it to your iPhone, take the call right on your Smart Watch, send it to your car speakers, or reject it.

Let It Calm You Down

Now, here’s a really odd feature that you may think you’d never use, but it could end up being incredibly helpful. There is a “breathe” function that is built into the watch which will remind you to breathe at set intervals. This can be very helpful when you are feeling anxious, worried, or stressed out. It’s almost like having a mini-meditation session.

Getting To Know Your Smart Watch Better

While most people buy the Apple Smart Watch for a few key features and reasons, they’re often surprised to learn about all the other things it’s capable of doing. These other “things” may just end up being your favorite features.

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