The all new Apple Watch 2 has been launched officially, and it adds lots of new and wonderful features to the original Watch like built-in GPS, full waterproofing and more.

With the new and very latest version of WatchOS on board, there are numerous useful features that are hidden in the device that you might not know about.

Now available to purchase, the all new series 2 watch joins the upgraded original Apple Watch and it is obtainable in Hermes and Nike+ Editions along with a pricey new Watch Edition too.

If you have purchased a new Apple Watch 2 for yourself and don’t know much about its unique and hidden features, you can go through this guide that reveals some of the best-hidden features of Apple Watch 2 and WatchOS 3.

2016’s Top 6 Tips & Tricks To Use Apple Watch 2

Change & Reorder Your Watch Faces

Now, you can easily change the current watch face at any time by just powering on your Apple Watch and swiping your finger left or right across the screen. It allows users to select from a varied selection of faces like digital and analog timepieces, some pictures portraits and Mickey and Minnie.

By heading into the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, you can do is change the order that these show-up. You can simply go to the My Watch page and can easily tap the Edit next to My Faces. You can also remove any faces that you don’t like and able to reorder the others that you are not swiping for ages to search your favorites.

Downloading New Watch Faces

Got bored from your old default watch face? Are you looking to try out something unique and new face? To download the new faces, you can just head to the Apple Watch application and can tap the App Store shortcut at the bottom of the screen.

You are also capable of searching for ‘watch face’ and find hundreds of new faces to download and try out. Some of the faces can cost a quid or two, but some are free of cost to try out.

Downloading Apps for the Watch

The all new Apple Watch 2 comes with some of the amazing pre-installed apps; however, if you want to download any app of your choice, you can install some from Apple’s App Store to increase your shiny new wearable’s functionality.

To download an application in the watch, you need your iPhone as you cannot download apps to your Watch 2 directly through the watch itself. Searching an app for the Apple Watch 2 is easily possible through the Watch app on your iPhone. So, open the Watch app and you can see an ‘App Store section at the bottom of the screen.

Just tap on it and you can see Apple’s currently featured apps like news streamer, sports apps, fitness apps and more. You can also download some games of your choice.

Customizing Your Apple Dock

Talking about the Apple’s Dock feature, it allows you to fast access your favorite Watch applications. You can just tap the side button beneath the dial and can look a scrollable list of your most-used apps.

Apple Watch 2’s dock feature is fully customizable, so you can just press and hold your finger on any app and it will pop free. It enables users to reposition it in the menu. Instead, you are also allowed to swipe it up and can have the option to remove it.

Now, you can also scroll to the very right of the dock list and can check your last opened application. Moreover, you will also get an option to add this to the dock, so tap keeps in dock. Using My Watch and tap Dock, you can easily choose exactly what applications to include and exclude and the order in which they appear.

Activating Siri

With instant double-tap on the dial button, you can call up Siri. You can ask as many questions as you want and get load-up an application with an instant command.

Enter Emergency SOS Contact Details

You can easily hold the side button down and you will not only get an option to turn your Apple Watch off, but you will also ping your emergency contacts with the help of new SOS feature. It is one of the best news for anyone, who needs urgent attention.

You can head to the Apple Watch application and can tap General in My Watch menu to change your emergency contact details or disable this feature. You can also poke emergency SOS from here.

So, these are the most important tips and tricks to use Apple Watch 2 that you have just bought for yourself. In case, if you need any application for your all new Apple Watch 2, you can hire iPhone app developer, who has expertise in developing iOS apps of varied categories.