Apple isn’t the company that usually have issues, it’s generally spot on and majority of times seem to please it’s customers. However, there seem to be a few issues with the products and software that Apple have been releasing lately. First it was the iPhone 6s shutdown problem, then it was the delay of the Airpod and now it’s the latest watchOS. After public release of 3.1.1 Apple have had to temporarily pull the software after reports that it’s bricking some Series 2 watch models.

The update was released on Tuesday and is supposed to offer new features including the Unicode 9.0 emoji. However the watches that are affected displays a red exclamation mark within a red circle and shows the URL If you try to do a force restart then he issue will not be fixed and it seems that if you are experiencing the issue then you would have to take it to your local Apple store to get it resolved.

Image from MacRumors user Pirarre