Yes yes, I know, watchOS 3 is still relatively new but I’m here talking about watch OS 4. The fact is we have to discuss it because it won’t be long before Apple start dropping us hints. We have seen a number of new features with watch OS 3. From a new dock, to optimisation which makes the watch faster, to SOS and watch activity. With every watch OS update there is always new features and bug fixes and watch OS 4 is sure to bring some big features. Just maybe we will be able to make a phone call from our Apple watch without having the iPhone nearby or maybe we will be able to use the Apple watch with Android. Ok maybe the latter will never happen but I can only dream.

To be honest, we haven’t heard much from the rumour mill of what we will get in watch OS 4. After all, it is still early days at the moment. So back to the question, when will Apple watch OS 4 be released? Well if we go by Apple’s tradition then we are looking around the period of the annual WWDC which is in June. so technically we are thinking that watch OS 4 will debut in June 2017. Keep an eye out because as soon as we get news we will let you all know.