To be honest, why would we need a web browser on the Apple Watch. Maybe for convenience, maybe it will be cool but the screen is so small, it wouldn’t make sense. Believe it or not, a lot of people seem to want a browser on the Apple Watch. You can ask Siri for information and if you get a result from a web search the watch prompts you to view on iPhone. The Apple Watch have been around for a few years now and up to this point there is no extension that allows information to be displayed on the watch.

A hacker name Comex was somehow able to get a browser running on the Apple Watch. However, it really doesn’t matter how much pixels is in the Apple Watch, a web browser just doesn’t sit well on the watch and will not make sense. The video below of the hacked Apple Watch from Comex shows you just that. It runs smoothly but because of the small screen it just looks weird.

There are apps such as BBC news and Wiki-Watch that looks good on the Apple Watch and doesn’t require you to go on your iPhone. But these apps are specifically built for the watch and it’s apps like these that make the Apple Watch useful and worthy of being on the top of the market.

With the release of the new Apple Watch Series 2, we would hope that there might be an option for users to somehow browse the internet from there wrist. However, we are still waiting and maybe it will be in Apple Watch Series 3 before we get anything like a browser. If Apple does decide to go with a browser on the Apple Watch, then the hardware will need to be changed dramatically. It will need a larger screen, more buttons and maybe a way to protect us from possible hacks and malicious websites.

The Apple Watch is geared towards fitness and to be honest it’s best used as an exercise device than to try and use it to look at a website. After all, sites such as wouldn’t look as great on the Apple watch as it does on a desktop. Like I mentioned above, getting protection against virus on your watch might prove to be a bit difficult.

Let’s just be happy with what the Apple Watch has to offer. From built-in GPS and a number of features that help you stay active, motivated and connected what more would we want. The watch is also water-resistant to 50 metres, packs a comprehensive workout app, allows you to monitor your heart rate and the option for a customisable face to suit your lifestyle. There really isn’t much more features we can ask for and if people start to moan about the fact that they cannot browse the internet on the Apple Watch, then tough.