Maybe the Apple Watch just isn’t the one for you. That’s ok, there are plenty of options available on the market that is compatible with the iPhone. Ones that some might agree are a little bit better and offer more features than the Apple Watch. Below is a selection of some of the best alternatives to the Apple Watch:

Pebble Time Steel


Retailing at £189.95 the Pebble Watch is probably the best alternative to the Apple Watch and comes in slightly cheaper. With a battery lasting up to 10 days on a single charge who wouldn’t fall for it. You get a choice of metal of leather bands, voice control, the Pebble Health features and loads more. – £189.95

Moto 360 Sport


The main feature of the Moto 360 is probably the built in GPS which allows you to effortlessly track your run better than that how the Apple Watch would. Thanks to the Google’s update you can track your fitness easily. You can pick up a Moto 360 Sport for £175. – £175

Huawei Watch


The Huawei will set you back £279 and offers a stylish and sophisticated look. Also with a scratch resistant sapphire crystal you will want to get yourself in one. The Huawei Watch is designed to be part of your look, and part of your life. It pairs with any Android phone and it’s also one of the first watches powered by Android Wear™ to work with iPhone. – £279