If you’re like me you know how important it is to protect your precious gadget. My precious is the Apple Watch and as will as cleaning it everyday I also make sure that I have a case to protect it. There are some minimal and sturdy cases available on the market and I want to show you a few of them. Below are three cases to help you protect your Apple Watch. Check them out:



Griffin Survivor Tactical Case – It protects your watch from impact and body damage. Not only that your watch screen is also protected by the tough screen guard and at the same time doesn’t impact on the force touch capabilities. Unlike other cases the survivor tactical protects the digital crown and doesn’t affect it’s function in anyway. Strap on the survivor tactical in your vigorous high adrenaline activity and rest assure that your Apple Watch will be fully protected. Price at $29.99





Lunatik EPIK Polycarbonate – Another strong and rugged case that will see your watch through the rough and tough of your daily activities. Rest assure that the EPIK will protect your Apple Watch. The EPIK transforms the Apple Watch into a ruggedly refined companion more suited for the abuse your everyday active lifestyle dishes out. Obsessively designed to protect the Apple Watch it provides enhanced tactile control and unobstructed access to the watch’s sensor and features. Price at $49.95






Spigen Apple Watch Case Rugged Armor – Gear up with the Rugged Armor case for preferred protection of the Apple Watch against bumps and scratches. A metalized button delivers tactile feedback for an enhanced experience with the smartwatch. The flexible TPU case is sturdy and durable for stylized protection that’ll stand the test of time. Price at $14.99