Have you ever thought what it would be like to get on with anyone? Do you often wonder if that associate or accomplice is a personality match for you? Well, wonder no more. PersonalityMatch is an app that lets you take a test to discover your personality, a lot of things about who you are and what drives you forward, plus it acts as a kind of character assessment feature to accurately match against another person.

How it all works is quite simple really. You take the free test and answer some personal questions (no other person gets to see the answers) and then hand the app to a special friend, work colleague, lover, family member or friend – and get them to do the same test. You can get as many of your companions and mates as you want to take the same test.

As the results are fed into the system in PersonalityMatch app, it produces a personality match score. This figure is represented as a percentage and the higher the figure, the greater the match you are with that person.

If, for whatever reason, your personality match score against your loved one or family member seems to be a little on the low side, PersonalityMatch will show you ways to improve your relationship with said person.


There are excellent ways in which you can contact a friend and share with them a link that will allow those colleagues to take the test. All results are displayed on the app in a chart form, so the person with the best personality match appears at number one on the list and the one with the least matched score appears to the bottom of the chart.

The personality test is very sophisticated and has been based on the testing and findings of many top psychologists. Even the theoretical works of Karl Jung have been analysed and immersed into the sophistication of the test. And with that in mind, you are certain not to get some random test you would normally find in a monthly periodical often seen on the coffee table in the waiting rooms of doctors’ surgeries or dental practices.

There is even a tool on here for finding your career path. We tried it but it really didn’t tell you anything we didn’t already know. But it’s fun and free to play so didn’t do any harm. Get it on the Appstore or Play Store.