Apple is one of the worlds leading Technology Company. Many people love this company and that comes with a reason. Apple has a very long tradition to release something public will love. From Mac, iPad, iPod, iPhone, and many more. Everything this company releases a new product, many people will be willing to spend hours waiting in the line just to get sure they’ll get the product. Even if other people told them, they can still get another product with similar features; most likely they’ll return the offer. That’s how loyal Apple fans are.

And now, that loyalty is going to grow even much stronger than before.

WatchOS 3

Apple has just released the announcement. The latest Apple WatchOS 3 will be available for public on September 13th. This is another big surprise presented by Apple, after the long awaited iPhone 7.

Leave alone the WatchOS 3, public has been waiting for quite a long time for Apple wearable device. Not because there is no such device in the market, but because there are only very few of those devices people can trust. Among those few products, Apple is considered one of the best. And so, people have been expecting for it. This news will certainly cheer everyone.

Premium features

Apple is not just a company. It is a company the world loves and just like any other company under this category, such as SBOBET, you can only expect to get great features when they release something.

Revealing WatchOS 3

Speed is the focus in Apple WatchOS 3. Despite the small size, this device can reduce app loading times by holding your favorite apps in memory. Also, you will be able to quickly access your favorite aps by using the side button.

Looking for more? Apple WatchOS 3 will also support some fitness tweaks, along with nice interview. This will make your fitness much more enjoyable than before and that’s not just it. Apple WatchOS3 is also supported with more social features. You will be able to share your fitness activities with your friends, get friendly notifications to breathe deeply every time the device recognizes you’re in stress, and even see more details about your activity at once.

On top of the Dock, you can use the Scribble mode to write your favorite moments directly on the screen, without any irritating canned replies and voice dictation. The advanced Control Center will also give you quick access to common settings. Furthermore, you will be able to access your notifications using the smart replies.

And there is more. Apple WatchOS 3 also comes with Home App. It is a very useful app you can use to control your smart household devices. In addition, you can also experience Apples new features, like the Apple Pay, iMessage, and emergency calls. The most important thing is, for those who love to keep their memories on WatchOS 2, this new OS will never make you forget those moments you’ve spent with the previous OS. Instead, it will make you even long for it.