Believe it or not you can trade-in your old Apple Watch and get a good price. Something to put towards getting a new Apple Watch. If you live in the UK you will find that there are a number of sites around that will give you a good offer. I own a first generation Apple Watch, a 42mm space grey aluminium case with black sport band. A year ago I paid £339 for my Apple Watch. I know that I would not get anything close to this but any amount will be something. I decide to search around and see where I could get the best for my trade-in. All the results below are based on you owning a 42mm space grey aluminium case with black sport band Apple Watch, which need to be in good working and cosmetic condition.

Now, some of the trade-in sites not only offer cash, they offer vouchers too and getting payment can be as easy as a bank transfer or cheque.

The first site we checked out is Because of the name you might think that it’s for music but how wrong you would be. They also offer money on gadgets. Music Magpie actually offers a good price for the 42mm Apple Watch in good working conditions. Their offer is £117. is another site to try. They give the option of receiving your money in either Argos vouchers, bank transfer or cheque. For our 42 mm Apple Watch, Mazuma offered us £80 bank transfer/cheque and £88 in Argos voucher. Not bad offer but not as good as musicmagpie however the option for the Argos voucher may attract some people.

These are the best two trade-in sites we found that does a good offer. You can however try recycling with Apple by taking it to a store or try a cash converters store. You do have options, so take your time and check around to get the best price.