If you are a type that uses a wrist watch only for the time keeping purpose, then I can say, you don’t have what it takes to enjoy a smart life; or perhaps, you are still dwelling in the dark ages; or may be, you are living in the most primitive region of the world, because you have not harnessed the benefits of advanced science and technology. The importance of a wrist watch is far beyond time keeping, as it can be exploited to perform several tasks that make life convenient for the users. Nowadays, a special type of watch known as smart watch, which has several features, in addition to time keeping, has been created. With its multifunctional tasks, smart watch has continued to gain popularity since its invention, and has pushed the pre-existing watch to the brink of extinction.

Apple watch, which was first release on 24th April, 2015, is a well known type of a smart watch developed by Apple Inc. Comprising of different components such as screen, battery, Digital Crown etc., an Apple’s Watch is a portable, fashionable and wearable device that comes in three designs which are: 

  • The Normal Apple Watch   
  • The Apple Watch Sports version, and
  • The Apple Watch special edition

Apple watches are available in different colours and also has a replaceable watch strap made of different materials ranging from the leather loop to an elastomer sport band. With its powerful inbuilt components, an Apple watch is designed to carry out functions similar to that of a smart phone. However, it is different from a smart phone in the sense that it is not a standalone device; it operates by pairing wirelessly with smart phones using internet, Bluetooth or NFC, to carry out many of its functions such as calling and texting.

The effectiveness and functionality of the Apple watches were due to the sophisticated components embedded within the miniature gadget. These components are broadly grouped into two which are: hardwares are softwares. The hardwares of Apple watch are the tangible parts of the device and they include: sensor and taptic engine. The software of this gadget comprises of various programs which the device is operated on. Watch OS is a typical example of the Apple’s watch software.

An Apple watch offers a lot of benefits to its user and these include:

  • Messaging and calling

Apple watch can be used to make call or answer call. It can also be used to send message and replying to the message. Unlike a smart phone, this gadget gives an instant access to messages and notifications due to the fact that it is constantly worn on the wrist.

  • Fitness tracking

Apple watch, just like other types of smart watch, consists of an embedded sensor that is able to track and keep information of several biological processes, such as the rate of heart beat and the number of burnt calories, occurring in the body, and thus serving as health monitoring devices.

Other usage of an apple watch consist of:

  • Shopping
  • App Usage
  • Determining the changes in the environment
  • Use as a remote control

With its above-mentioned benefits, an apple watch, no doubt, makes life convenient for its user.