Well it’s really not a massive surprised to many. But for those who aren’t aware, Samsung have announces a brand new smartwatch, the Gear S3. There are no announcement of price, only that the watch will be available in the US and worldwide in the fall. The watch will be available in two styles, the Gear S3 Frontier and Gear S3 Classic. Both watches will have near enough the same features. Like the Samsung Gears S2 the S3 will be water resistant down to 5 feet of water for roughly 30 minutes. Another feature will be the dust resistant.

The Gear S3 are only available in 46mm casing, slightly larger than the Apple Watch. It will be available in only two colours. The Classic will be in silver and the Frontier will be black. The watch will be Bluetooth enabled and to make calls you will need to have your phone with you. However, with the LTE version you can make or receive calls on its own.

There is also a cool power saving option that once the watch hits 5%, you will be able to use the Gear S3 as a normal watch for a full day.