Earlier fitness trackers focused only on collecting and measuring health data. However, the world of wearables is gradually becoming less quondam. Fitness trackers now show your smartphone notifications to your wrist, allowing you to keep your mobile phone in your pocket. Now if you want to be in the loop all the time, you may consider the smart wrist band or fitness band that both monitors your health and supports smartphone notifications. 

Apart from being highly functional, the fitness trackers are also stylish wearable bands. It connects easily via Bluetooth to keep you in the loop even while your phone is kept aside.

Here are 5 reasons why you should own a smart fitness tracker.

  • Vibrates to notify:  Fitness band is a tiny, lightweight device that vibrates when you receive important calls, texts or emails, allowing you to go hand-free. Moreover, this device also lets you customize the vibrations so that you aren’t hassled by unimportant calls or texts.With this smart device you can stop missing calls because you didn’t hear the ring of your phone or feel its vibration.
  • Minimalist design: Most of the fitness trackers come in stylish wearable designs as bands to wear on the wrist or as clips to hook on your clothing. Some trackers have touch screens that show you real-time activity data, while others go for the minimalist style and have discrete LED screens that use mild indicators to show your activity and progress and very few have displays at all.
  • Silent alarm: This smart device also serves as a silent alarm in the morning. If you don’t want to disturb your partner with that noisy alarm, use this fitness tracker which also works as a silent alarm to wake you up. Furthermore, this device will also notify you if you have left your phone at home or in the car.
  • Water resistant: Now you don’t need to remove this device while going for a shower or swim.  You can do it all with them on. Even if your tracker goes for an unexpected dive into the water, you don’t need to worry at all. Your tracker would still be working and showing your progress.    
  • Compatible: Most of the fitness trackers are designed to synchronize with your smartphone, however you should consider if the given device will work with your handset. Phones with iOS and Android operating systems work great with such trackers while windows operating system compatibility is rare. One exception is the Microsoft fitness band that works in compliance with all the three operating systems.

These were five good enough reasons that would entice you to buy fitness watches. With this smart device, everyday seems to be a new activity or goal, which you have to achieve. These trackers help you get out off the couch and move towards your goal and teach you to be healthier and fit. However, different people have different needs of having a tracker, some may want to keep in touch with their phone while still keeping the handset in their pocket, on the other hand, some other people like to have a fitness tracker to keep a track of their daily activities which help them progress at a faster rate in their lives.

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