There has been massive advancement in the hi-tech world since the past few decades. Specifically speaking, technology has opened up the possibilities to transform the common regular wrist watch into a device that is proficient in doing so much more than just telling time.

The Smart Watch is the gadget that is smashing the world of technology and marketing with the increasing functions and efficient performance. However, there are multiple companies that have taken up the platform to make the best Smart Watch. The best Smart Watches are the following:

gold-editionApple Watch:

The Apple Watch is by far the most elegant smart watch. It is the leading example of the smart watches with its fashion blended features and technology merged into one device. The watch is available in two different sizes which makes it unisex and suitable for both the genders. It is also a great partner for your iPhone, which is sure to enhance your gadget using experience.

samsung-gearSamsung Gear S2:

The Samsung Gear S2 feels like taking a step forward in the world of smart watches. The rotating bezel of the watch and the Tizen OS are honestly the most useful innovations in the world of inventions. The amazingly sharp and vibrant watch, with the sharpest screen is definitely worth spending money on. Plus, the battery life of this smart watch is quite impressive.

wsd-f10Casio WSD-F10 Smart Outdoor Watch:

This is the first Android Wear Smart Watch by Casio, which is also worth considering. The watch is water-resistant up to 50 meters of depth, along with shock and dust resistance. The smart watch features a color LCD display as well as a monochrome one, which allows it to be flexible enough to provide smart features as well as a strong battery life.

tag-heuerTag Heuer Connected:

This smart watch is definitely not budget-friendly, but if you’re looking for a watch with the highest quality, then the Tag Heuer Connected is for you. This Intel powered smart watch has the best-built, which is why it is considered to be one of the best Android Wear devices. The Tag smart watch is relatively bulkier than the other versions of mechanical Tag watches.

moto 360Moto 360 2:

The Moto 360 2 is without any doubt the most comfortable wearable smart watch. It comes in two sizes, along with the different sizes bands available. You can choose different combinations of straps, finishes, colors, or bezels by using the Moto Maker. The Moto 360 2 is a lot more different than the previous version of this smart watch. Therefore, it is not just the best-looking smart watch but also the watch with the most customizing options.

This sums up the list of the best smart watches for the year 2016. What is better than having a gadget on your wrist which would do all the work for you by listening to your voice commands? The world of the smart watches is a remarkable one.