Until this point there really isn’t a practical way to charge your Apple Watch on the go. That’s unless you want to walk around with the extra long cord that comes with your Apple Watch.

Now you can charge both the Apple Watch and iPhone simultaneously with the Oittm 2-in-1 Apple Watch Car Charger. The Oittm charges the Apple Watch and iPhone effectively. The charger is reliable, safe and charges fast. Oittm’s charger is not Apple MFi Certified, meaning it is not officially licensed by Apple but it still good and safe to use.


The charger doesn’t only charge your iPhone but any USB devices and phones. With protections against overheating, overcurrent and overcharging, Oittm car charger features super reliable and safe. Certified by RoHS, CE and FCC

You can pick up the Oittm 2-in-1 Apple Watch and USB charger on Amazon for $39.99. They come in two colours, grey or gold.

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