The Nest products are great gadgets to own and keep your home safe. There are indoor and outdoor cameras, smoke alarms and thermostats. The technology is amazing and allows you to control your Nest product from your every day devices. Today I want to focus on the apps available that allows you to control the Nest thermostat from your Apple Watch. The Nest thermostat is on it’s 3rd generation and retails for around $249. You can adjust the temperature of your home or office wherever and whenever you want. The product is nifty and it even turns itself down when no one is at home in-order to save energy. If you have a Nest thermostat installed, you will want to try these watch apps.

nest-appNest – Your home in your hand: The official Nest app doesn’t only control the thermostat but any Nest product you might own. Control your Nest Learning Thermostat, Nest Protect, Nest Cam and Dropcam all in one place. And get alerts on your Apple Watch. Nest Learning thermostat programs itself to help you save energy. Adjust the temperature on your way home. Or from the couch. See how much energy you used and why. The more you know, the more you can save. View and edit your thermostat schedule. Get extreme temperature alerts before your pipes freeze or your pet overheats. Earn Leafs when you choose a temperature that saves you energy.

quickcontrolQuickControl – for Nest Learning Thermostat®: This app is all about quickly controlling your Nest thermostat without unlocking the phone, searching for an app and launching it. Use Today Widget on your iPhone or Apple Watch instead. Control you Nest thermostats using your Apple Watch. See the temperature inside the house on your Watch face without even launching the app on your Watch (Complications). Glance: now you can view the temperature setting and current temperature of your thermostat by simply swiping up on your Apple Watch. Ability to change the thermostat to Cool, Heat or Heat-Cool from Apple Watch and iPhone/iPad. On Apple watch, do a Force-Touch to see the menu.

kontrol-nestKontrol for Nest Learning Thermostat®: Kontrol is a simple and easy way to manage your Nest Learning Thermostat®, through your iPhone and Apple Watch. Designed to help you easily achieve your perfect room temperature, Kontrol lets you adjust your Nest Learning Thermostat® from anywhere. Kontrol also offers quick contextual glances and lets you interact with your Nest Learning Thermostat® right from your wrist. It makes the Nest Learning Thermostat® experience more relevant, personalized, and accessible.


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