Apple watch is almost 15 months old and with the apple watch 2 making its debut sometime later this year, the best thing about this smart watch is the variety of apps that it has to offer as compared to its rivals in the market. Having more than 10,000 selections to choose from, the Apple Store for smart watch is on its way to become the best.

However when you have so many options at hand, it also becomes difficult to filter which one would be useful for you. And we are here to save you from the time and data that you waste on installing an app and testing it, only to realise at the end that it’s not of any use for you. Here is a list of some of the apps developed by top app developers that you would probably want to begin with when getting started with your apple watch.

cheatsheetCheatsheet – Are you the kind of person who keeps on forgetting all the important details – The WiFi password of your office or college, somebody’s phone number or address, names of people? Cheatsheet is the solution for your forgetting habits. You can make a list of rapid notes and push them on your smart watch. You can give an icon to each item so that it becomes easier to be spotted. In fact, you can set the first item on as a Complication on your watch face.

vineVine – If you don’t get to watch telly shows or featured films on your wrist, it’s acceptable. But, those second-long tiny video snatches are perfectly fit to be played on your wrist watch. You can have Vine on your Apple Watch and stare at the cats and dogs doing witty things while you wait in a queue at supermarket. The best part is that the audio will be blared out from your watch in such a perfect manner that it won’t infuriate the people around you.

streaksStreaks – Though the app have been criticized at various events for having the limitation accommodation just 6 activities, it has been quite popular among the Apple users because of its clean and well build user interface and providing perfect experience. It assists you to create a list of habits that you need to follow everyday while tracking the same for you and marking them as done. It is certainly a must have on your Apple watch while you are on the go.

bbcnewsBBC News – There are lots of new apps that are available for Apple Watch but BBC is the favorite of all. You receive notifications grouped into the categories of ‘top stories’, ‘most read’ and ‘my news’ (on the basis of favorite categories defined by you in the iPhone app). You get to see a picture and brief synopsis in your Apple watch for each article and if you want to load the complete story, handoff to your iPhone.

procameraProCamera – If you have been already using Apple ProCamera in your iPhone then this Apple watch app can provide you a bit more control as compared to the Apple’s own camera remote. Besides having photo preview, remote trigger, timer and external viewfinder preview, you can also configure the number of images that will be shot along with the length of the delay in timer.

deliveriesDeliveries – You don’t need to worry about keeping a track of your delivering parcels anymore because this Apple app manages the task well for you. It connects with the Apple map to inform you about the current location of your parcels along with sending notifications whenever a delivery is looming.

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