The smartwatch is a great idea: the technology isn’t just mobile, it is attached to you for instant and easy access to games, communication and sports and health applications. However, this fantastic concept is not utilised enough, especially where games are concerned, which is why we want to draw attention to some of the amazing games that can be accessed via different smartwatches.


If puzzles are your thing, or you are looking for an app that could help stretch your cerebral abilities, Letterpad is a fun choice. With the aid of clues, discover words hidden within a collection of nine letters. The simple design of the game is perfect for smartwatches and the sense of accomplishment achieved after the discovery of each new word will make you return to the game whenever you have a spare moment.

Memory Feud

With so many brain training games out there, developers know they have to come up with something new to keep you interested which is where Memory Feud comes in. The premise is simple enough: letters appear on the screen and you then have to make words, but the twist is that players are required to remember the position of the letters as they disappear prior to you creating a word.

Coral Live Casino

Portable entertainment just got so much more exciting. Instead of playing casino game in the usual manner, why not switch it up a little every now and again, and experience games such as Roulette and Blackjack in a live casino environment instead? Imagine being able to play live casino, virtually wherever you want, whenever you want. You can play games hosted by real dealers at your own pace and also even brush up on your betting knowledge and skills with Coral’s handy guides.

You Sunk

There’s not much to this game, but after the first few plays, you’ll be hooked. As the gun controller of a battleship, your aim is to shoot enemy ships as they attack while defending ally ships. This free download is a fantastic time waster.

Tamigotchi Classic

Looking for a little retro fun? Download Tamagotchi Classic and take care of your virtual pet, monitoring their health and activity from your smart watch. You are supplied with a list of their needs including, snacks, toilet breaks and light. Step back in time on a gadget of the future.


Another blast from the blast – kind of. Tetrocrate mimics Tetris in that players are required to fit blocks together, but it is a slower version of the popular game and rather than falling bricks, the colourful patterns pop up on the screen. Just like the original, players spin the segments to the desired spot and when a horizontal line is made it disappears.

Reversi for Wear

You probably don’t associate two-player games with smartwatches, but it’s time to change your way of thinking. Reversi or Othello as it is also known requires players to collect opponents’ discs by the placing black or white discs in the appropriate square on the grid.

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