In the recent years many companies like Motorola, Samsung and LG have both developed and sold a large number of Smart Watches, but none of them have been able even to come close to the number of Apple Smart Watch since its launch in April this year, and why wouldn’t they. Apple has been known for knowing what its tech savvy user would want next and deliver it in time in the most spectacular way imaginable. And that exactly is what Apple Smart Watch is, nothing less than Spectacular.

Although there are a few things about the Smart Watch that Apple is still tinkering with to get perfect, such as its battery and how it needs to be charged every day as opposed to 48 hours, yet here are a few features of the Apple Smart Watch that defines it perfectly.

Gold Casing

How could there be a standard casing for something so smart or extraordinary? The Apple Smart Watch comes with an 18-karat gold case that has been made twice as hard as ordinary gold by its engineers. It also comes in two colors, a rose gold casing or a yellow gold casing.

Perceptive and Palpable

Apple Watch is known to be a very tactile watch that allows its users to take complete and utter control in its application. Furthermore, with the integration of WatchOS 2, one can load apps easily and can run independent of the user’s iPhone.

Basic Features Made Easy

Unlike any regular watch, the Apple Watch allows its users to make call and messages and even receive them. Like any iPhone or iTab, it also allows different forms of communication through the watch alone. Not only that but it also can alert the user about the various notifications via vibrations. Additionally, an in-built access to WiFi can also let the device access the internet all the more easily. It also let you add contact seamlessly onto the device and also lets you group your contacts in the group. Furthermore, it also allows you to use Apple App Store as needed.

Burn Calories the Smart Way

It is the perfect workout companion for every health conscious individual out there. Not only can it help tell you your workout progress in a glance since the reason for its creation is to make its used walk around and workout rather than stay idle and behave any regular old couch potato. Furthermore, it has a separate app that is designed exclusively to monitor cardio workout sessions and allows you to measure your heartbeat (i.e. the rate of an individual’s heartbeat by the minute) via its unique sensor.

Not only does it has an inbuilt sensor to record your heartbeat but it is also integrated with sensors that count the steps you take and use that data to tabulate the calories you have burned during any session and even the overall body activity during that time since it all has exclusive apps for that.

Entertainment in Your Wrist

If the watch happens to be a great workout companion that doesn’t at all mean that it is good for nothing else. With access to the internet via WiFi, the app also comes equipped with applications that allow you to play your favorite music while you workout and even lets you watch TV or any random video whenever you feel like it.


A Smarter Siri

While Siri is already a huge life-saver on the iPhone, the Siri deployed on the Smart Watch is even smarter. Just tell her what to do – dictate texts or ask silly questions, Siri is up for anything. Not only does it tells you about the best restaurants near you, but it also helps you but it can also give to directions via the map application as you drive there.

Pay on the Go

Apple Watch comes equipped with a virtual wallet that allows you to purchase products through the Watch making the process of buying things you need all the easier.

Smart Doesn’t Even Begin To Cover It

The watch comes equipped with a ton of sensors of all sorts which makes this particular Smart Watch smarter. Not only does it turns the display on as soon as you raise your wrist towards your line of sight but it also allows you to can you might have accepted by mistake or otherwise by simply covering the screen of the watch with the palm of your hand.


Our dear Apple Smart Watch allows users to customize images of all sorts and send it to others. Furthermore, you can personalize the entire watch to a whole new level. You can choose an image to serve as your watch face whenever you use it or make it have a very different watch face every time you raise your hand to do anything – check the time or talk silly with Siri.

With so many things to do, what more could you ask for the Smart Watch to do?

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