So Pokemon Go for smartphones have taken the world by storm. Increased shares for Nintendo and millions heading out to catch pokemon. It’s been a huge success and continues to be. Pokemon Go is yet to be release in UK but as soon as Nintendo upgrade their servers it will be (check out how to get the app in the UK here). 

Like every popular and successful app we do hope that we can get it on other platforms and that’s including the Apple Watch. There currently no talks of the app being available for the iWatch. However I personally think that once things start to settle down and Pokemon Go App begins to get updated then we will see it somehow on smart watch. With a Pokemon Go App for Apple Watch you would get vibrates whenever you’re within range of a PokeStop, Gym or Pokemon. There is a Pokemon Go Plus wearable which have been sold out. Quite a lot of people have a smart watch so having the app will make things easier.

There are support for Pokemon Go app on Reddit. It’s need and with patience we will get it. Watch this space.

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