Whether you are a sports person or a normal person doing activities like cycling, climbing, swimming, running, hiking, or rowing, the Garmin Vivoactive HR GPS Smart Watch is the gadget you should have. This Garmin watch is not just built for athletes, it’s a fitness band with elements of a smart watch. The Garmin Vivoactive Smart Watch is a compelling solution for the person having an active lifestyle. Let’s check the review of this amazing Garmin Smart Watch below.



It seems like this Garmin watch is able to do it all. It can track your daily activities like calories burned for steps, floor climbing, and sleep. It can let you have notifications on your smartphone or tablet with the Garmin Connect app. It is a perfect heart rate monitor watch with GPS tracking for a variety of activities you do. This Garmin smart watch can track indoor cycling, walking, indoor rowing, strength training, cross-country skiing, sports like golf, paddle boarding, etc. Despite doing all these tasks for a full day, you need not charge it every night, which is the most impressive feature of this Garmin watch.

Features and specifications of Garmin Vivoactive HR GPS Smart Watch

The Garmin Vivoactive smart watch can track almost any type of sport you can think of to your wrist. Check the amazing specifications and features of Vivoactive smart watch from Garmin:

  • This Garmin smart watch comes with a sunlight-readable, color touchscreen with high resolution of 205×148 pixels
  • It has built-in sports apps for GPS-enabled biking, running, swimming, etc. without a phone connection
  • The Garmin Connect IQ store allows you to customize watch face designs, apps, and widgets
  • When you pair it with your smart device, you will receive notifications and coaching tips from the Garmin Connect
  • It has a battery life of 8 days when used as a daily watch/activity tracking and of up to 13 hours when you use it along with GPS
  • It can also work with GLONASS navigation system
  • It has a water rating of 5ATM
  • The heart rate sensor monitors your heart rate all day and night, no additional strap required for it
  • Bluetooth compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows 10
  • The built-in accelerometer and GPS together, allows you to use it both indoors and outdoors
  • Other features include electronic compass, barometric altimeter, vibration alert, music alert, step counter, and find my phone app

cf-lgThe Garmin watch comes with Elevate Heart Rate technology provides better credit for your efforts by measuring the calories burned and the intensity of your fitness activities. It gauges your efforts without needing a chest strap. Hence, the Vivoactive HR smart watch from Garmin is not a cheap fitness tracker device. It comes in the US $249.99 on AMAZON.  The free app Garmin Connect delivers the insights which help you to beat your yesterday’s records. It creates cues if you not on the right track to meet up with your goal, and shout outs when you achieve your milestones. Also, you will get expert tips for health who become like virtual coaches. The Vivoactive HR Smart Watch also displays local weather, temperature, and more.

What Needs to Improve

Most of the time I face a problem with one thing from Garmin is the software. As, I have tested and reviewed the Garmin Forerunner 235, occasional synchronizing and connection problem to my Android device was the main problem. It works perfect with the iPhone, though. It’s not like the connection problem is the same issue with the Vivoactive GPS Smart Watch, but this area is what the Garmin can still improve.

Another thing is the Garmin App. The Garmin Connect App surely serves an impressive amount of data to the Android and iOS devices and connect with a number of Garmin products. But it sometimes gets confused with navigation. I am using the Garmin app since past few years, still, I find it difficult to locate some specific metrics quite often. For the solution for this, Garmin needs a better app for sure.

My Verdict

Overall, I am very impressed with the Garmin Vivoactive HR Smart Watch. With a huge array of features in a compact and lightweight design, makes it a practical and comfortable package to meet the need of most of the athletes. And considering the GPS, smart notifications, and an app store connectivity makes it a bit of a bargain for the price above just $200. If you are an athlete doesn’t matter professional or amateur, or having an active lifestyle, The Garmin Vivoactive HR GPS Smart Watch is the gadget you want.

Author Bio:

Mandip is a passionate writer by day and a movie-loving, sports nerd by night. He enjoys the thrill of riding his sports bike every other day and on weekends. Currently, he blogs at Best On Internet.

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