Did you know that on an average, a user interacts with his smartphone around 150 times a day? That is a staggering number and this time is mostly spent on various mobile apps! Businesses had to have an online presence to ensure sustenance a few years back and now for sustenance and increased revenue, businesses need to be available on the mobile market. With our extensive experience in mobile app development, we have compiled a few effective tips to help you come up with an UI/UX design that is not only engaging but also compelling; read on to learn more.

Keep it simple

This is oft repeated when it comes to designs and presentations or anything that is related to user experience. Imagine what would happen if your user is confused with your app and doesn’t quite know as to what to do; this is a sure shot way to drive him/her away. Most users give up in the first few tries and it is after all natural for them to do so! Why would a user have to break his/her head to use your app? Your app is supposed to facilitate them not inconvenience them! We recommend a minimalistic approach when it comes to mobile app development. Consistency and a simple design are important to help your users navigate your app easily.

Optimize and personalize the experience for your user

First of all, know your OS inside out. We recommend that you understand your OS and then begin design. This will help your app function smoothly across devices and porting across mobile applications platforms becomes easy.

Understanding your target customer base, their needs and requirements will help you personalize your app to cater to their demands and taste and this is a good way to ensure that your app is a success.

Do away with clutter

Clutter isn’t helpful anywhere, whether it is in your UI or office space or even personal space for that matter! If you want to provide too many things in your app, you are only setting it up for failure. Define your app’s purpose and design to meet that rather than doing too many things at once.

Colours and symbols too add to the visual appeal and keep it simple and clean and keeping your target audience in mind for this is crucial to get the right look and feel for your app.

Focus on Social Media Logins

Don’t force users to sign up with your brand, provide them with interesting options such as logins via social media, personal mail, etc. This will prove helpful and you will notice a dramatic improvement in user drop-off rates.

Recognize the importance of prototyping

This is crucial in mobile app development and we recommend that you make your prototypes creative, interactive and functional so that clients and users can understand your idea and work flow. There are a variety of tools available to help you with this process and we are emphatic when we say that this is non-negotiable and we don’t recommend skipping this!

Test at regular intervals

Don’t postpone your testing till the fag end and then worry about bugs close to your launch. Testing has to be iterative and it will be of great help if you begin this at the design stage. This is quite important whatever the mobile applications platform and this will prove to be a cost and time saver for you.

We hope these tips help you come with an interactive and novel UI that is sure to captivate your users.

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