If you enjoy watching some of the content on Ustream then you certainly don’t need to be told how appealing it can be. Ranging from live events and webinars to themed channels and even some TV stations – Ustream has developed a fairly large following due to the quality of its content.

Because it is an online video stream however, you cannot download videos from Ustream. As such you won’t be able to save them and transfer them over to your iPhone if you want to conserve bandwidth on your mobile internet or watch it offline. That being said, with Movavi Screen Capture Studio you will be able to bypass that restriction and use it as a Ustream downloader.

Basically all that needs to be done to download videos from Ustream is to set Movavi Screen Capture Studio to record the Ustream video directly from your screen while it is playing. That can be done in just a few steps:

  1. Adjust the capture frame to encompass the Ustream video that you want to record.
  2. Check that the audio source is set to ‘System Audio’.
  3. Start the recording by pressing ‘REC’ and play the video at the same time.
  4. Stop the recording by pressing ‘Stop’ and save it by pressing ‘Save’.

Part of the reason why it makes sense to use Movavi Screen Capture Studio to download Ustream videos when you want to watch them on your iPhone is because when you do save it you can use the preset to automatically optimize the video. Alternatively you could just choose a format, if you prefer to do so.

On top of that, Movavi Screen Capture Studio will also let you edit and tweak the video that you record prior to saving it. It can cut and combine video segments, improve the video quality, apply special effects, insert customizable text, add audio tracks, and much more.

For the moment, you could start slowly and use Movavi Screen Capture Studio to trim any unnecessary footage that may have been recorded in the Ustream video. If you’re only interested in part of the video that you recorded, you could extract that bit and save it as a clip while discarding the rest. That way when you do transfer it over to your iPhone, you’ll have just the important parts that interest you, and it will consume less storage space.

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